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By Carl Bozeman

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Does God exist? If God exists, then who created God?
I do not profess to have all the answers but I am certain that any search for a god out there in the heavens will not lead you to the god you seek. In truth you are the god of your own experience and the creative center of the universe. Your world and everything you feel and believe could not be without you in it.

You are divine and as Jesus states "Ye are Gods" and, in so proclaiming, he also tells us that anything he was able to do (i.e. the miracles) we could do also. He extolled our greatness, not his. It is unfortunate that the Christian world has altered what Jesus taught.

In any case it is important to have a spiritual practice, so finding a "faith" as you call it is a worthy pursuit. But please that any search for truth that takes you to an institution is a faulty search. You will not find truth from any institution. Truth comes from within and so, in your search, try to discover the deep inner self that you are and you will awaken to a world of profound wonder.

Institutions provide social help and companionship and even good messages of faith and hope, but ultimately, if you give yourself away to the dogma and institutional authority, your search for light will end with the limits of their understanding. You never want to let yourself get in such a place because it will lock out so many wonders of the universe. Remember that, like any god humans have constructed in their minds to worship or whatever, you are infinite just as we credit him with being. Science tells us that, as energetic forms, we have always been and will always be. Don't ever confine yourself to a finite existence as so many do. You are god! Make your search about finding the divine within you. There is where you find god.

I want to make a difference in the world, but I don't know how?
You are the difference in the world. Literally your being here at this time in whatever place you're in is making a difference.

Embrace that about you and learn to love and appreciate everything about this wonderful life we get to experience. Doing so will open your mind and life to so many opportunities and experiences that you won't be able to do it all!

Stop worrying about making a difference and start embracing your existence. I am so glad you are here!! The world would not be the same without you.

Be happy everyday of your life and as I said, your life will fill to the brim with activity that serves many and with abundance you will not comprehend.

Am I psychic?
Everyone is psychic. Some just have a better sense of it then others. It's the spiritual part of you trying to find its way into the light. Do not fight it and don't try to know it (I know that sounds weird). What I mean is that as we try to find the divine within us through outside means, we get lost in the means.

Try to quiet your mind and let the part of you trying to find its way do its thing. It may frighten you or startle you but be assured that it will not harm you.

You may want to read some of the works of Jane Roberts who channeled an entity named Seth. And one of her students, Susan Watkins, wrote about the psychic experiments conducted at Jane's home and the groups encounters with Seth. These are very compelling readings that will get you on your way to discovering the divine part of you that yearns to get out.

Why do human beings make mistakes?
There really is only one reason - people do not make mistakes. We only make choices that are judged by ourselves and others as mistakes. If we make any mistakes it is in believing that "human beings make mistakes."

In the infinite scheme of things, what we consider mistakes are nothing and we need to learn how to get back to a place where judgment is not a part of our daily existence. If we could do that, life and all the things happening would become wondrous and incredible.

Can you live a life that is strictly based reasoning and logic?
Great question! The so-called age of enlightenment - which began four to five hundred years ago with great rational thinkers such as Descartes, Pascal, Newton and others - was premised on such reasoning. The enlightenment movement believed that rational thinking and logic could essentially find a cure for every kind of suffering and injustice in the world. However, if you look back on the last several centuries of so-called enlightenment, it has done nothing of the kind.

In fact, if you assess the period of enlightenment, as it is called and of which we are a part, it has not reduced suffering, injustice or war but increased it on a colossal scale. We are in one of the scariest times in human history because of "strictly based reasoning and logic."

Do we have a soul?
The fallacy of science and religion is that they both consider that what they do not know is unknowable and yet they will both claim that there is a lot they don't know. Unfortunately, the truth about a soul or whatever you want to call it is only knowable to you and you alone.

Perhaps the best place to start in finding your answer is to simply ask "who or what" is it about me that wants to know. You'll likely conclude that you consist of two very distinct individuals. The one who projects him or herself to the world as "me" and the other is the one who yearns for an answer to such questions, but is not known in the world as a part of the "me" the world does know.

Confusing, I know, but the only way to find an answer is to look inwardly and identify the players who make up your life. Trust's in there.

Do you believe that things happen for a reason? Are there coincidences?
There are no coincidences in life. We only think there are coincidences because we, for the most part, live in an illusion that masks over the greater part of life, thus making coincidences seem like... well, like coincidences.

It is also for this reason that we should pay very close attention to them. They are usually gifts from the vaults of eternity.

How is spirituality best learned?
Spirituality is not learned. We all have it. Most of us, however, have masked over the part of ourselves that is spiritual through conditioning that spans our lifetimes. We must re-discover our spiritual roots or that which we all possess.

We can get glimpses of it in virtually any situation we find ourselves in. But most of us miss these glimpses in the noise of our minds and so-called learning. Pay attention to the coincidences in life. They are markers to spiritual connections made long before birth. They are the spirit of life whispering to your soul.

Lastly, be aware that locking yourself into rules about spirituality will make it more difficult to discover. In other words, any search to find your divine nature, your spirituality as it were, that leads you to an institution or a rigid set of guidelines is a faulty search. You are spiritual not because of what you believe or because of your faith or religion, but because you, all by yourself without any help from anyone, are a divine and spiritual being. In fact, you are the god you seek. He or she has always been there and always will be, whether you ever accept it or not.

Long story short, spirituality is not learned, rather it is re-discovered.

What is your personal definition of spirituality?
My definition of spirituality is simply "knowing God". However, after having said that let me clarify that we are all gods so when I say knowing God I really am saying "finding and knowing the god that you are."

Teilhard de Chardin is credited with saying that we are "spiritual beings having a human experience." I believe that the spiritual being he refers to is God.

To rephrase - you are God having a human experience. Have fun!!

Where is God when bad things happen? I'm questioning my faith in God?
If you think there is a "big God" out there somewhere in yonder heavens, you will always find reasons to question your faith. You are the god of your own experience. Rediscover that part of you that once knew this and you will never have to worry about the presence or absence of some god out there who is supposed to be watching over us and preventing what we don't like about the world.

Your being here on earth is your only purpose in life. Have fun and enjoy everything about it. Even if you don't like what you see happening, it is part of a great big whole that is ours to experience and embrace. You won't find God in a church, by the way. What you'll find there is a version of God that works for some and not others. Don't be discouraged, however, as what you need to know you already possess. You've just forgotten.

Don't be a judge of life. Be an active participant in it and embrace all of it. There is no good or bad except as you judge it. There is a wide range of human experience we can all embrace and experience. Each of us is capable of any part of it, whether we judge it bad or good. Don't judge and your eyes will open to what's important in life and it is not about a God who is or isn't controlling events in the world.

How do you recognize an authentic Spiritual Teacher?
They are humble and have no identity. Read about humility in the book On Being God - Beyond You Life's Purpose available at Amazon. Humility is more than you think but it will be your best guide. Having no identity is really about putting the things we think are important in this life behind us.

Spiritual teachers are detached from the things we tend to identify with and therefore are totally free of any encumbrances of any kind. This means education, credentials, wealth, status, popularity are completely unimportant to these individuals. You will see a light in these types of people that is unmistakable.

Can the conscious mind be trusted to correctly interpret what you are?
NO. Consider that your body receives 15 billion bits of information each second. What actually makes it into consciousness is between 30 to 40 bits of information (per second). In other words, the major function of the mind is to filter out the greater part of reality.

There is so much more than we can possibly imagine. This is why it is so important to be open to virtually everything and not judge anything. We box ourselves in when we judge anything.

Look at life from every spectrum to each extreme (as you define it) and there is absolutely no end to the variety of experience and abundance of life. It is all magnificent if we don't blind ourselves by our mind made judgments. Want to stop wondering "what you are?" Stop wondering "who you are" and be open completely to who everybody is.

In truth "who you are" is God. You will know that once you get out of the mind.

Do you believe in the supernatural?
The supernatural exists in our minds because we have forgotten our own super natures. So much of our reality is filtered out that when things happen that seem out of the ordinary we call them supernatural.

There is so much going on in our reality that it defies description. In fact, that might be the reason we have no description and are surprised when things outside our conditioning happen. It's like coincidence. We should pay attention to coincidences only because they happen infrequently when in truth there are no coincidences.

We are incredible sensory instruments, but our minds also filter out most of what we sense. We should not take anything for granted.

Why do you believe in God?
All the great spiritual icons throughout history including Christian mystics have come to the conclusion that all answers lie within. Even Jesus told us we have it all within us to do anything he is claimed to have done. In other words YOU are the "god" of your own experience. You don't need another one who supposedly lives out there in yonder heavens.

Everything that anyone attributes to a God out there you already possess. You need only remember that about yourself. When you rediscover that, the voice of intuition, which is your own spiritual voice (or the god that you are), is the only voice you will ever need to listen too. You have it all!

Is religion nothing more than man's first attempt at science?
Maybe not so much as an attempt at science but more an attempt to, as Einstein said, "know the mind of God." God being the catch all answer, if you will, for questions like; "where did we come from, where are we going and why are we here?" Science and religion are both driven by a search "outward" for what can only be known "inward."

The search continues on both fronts and will only be understood on an individual basis. They both exist as part of an illusion we all exist in.

What does it mean to be "Poor in Spirit"?
"Poor in spirit” is a spirit without any definition. In literal terms, it is a spirit that carries no baggage of any kind. It is a spirit that is “poor” or without all the things we load ourselves up with throughout our lives regardless of whether they are judged good or bad. Baggage is baggage. Excessive weight is heavy regardless of whether it consists of good intentions or bad, and our conditioning has lead us all to believe that there is something uniquely important about us that makes us who we are. Despite this fact, none of it is unique or important in an infinite reality that sees everything in existence as incredible! To be poor in spirit is to be free of the idea of any importance we or anyone else must define and measure up to."

Think of being "poor in spirit" as being the opposite of being "rich in spirit." Rich means being loaded up, burdened, if you will, with excess. Poor is light and without the weight and responsibility of carrying "spiritual prowess" in an intellectual way. You don't have to be trained, smart, highly educated, monetarily wealthy, poor, healthy or physically fit, etc., etc., to have the spirit.

In essence those who are not weighted down with ideas and concepts of "the spirit" will find the kingdom of heaven and remember the kingdom of heaven or kingdom of God is within you. You posses it but you will never find it by being "rich" and overloaded by "ideas" of spirit.

How important is the physical body in your spiritual journey?
Everything is divine. If we treat everything in such a way the body, too, is divine. Do you need good health for a spiritual journey? No. No one is excluded from spirituality. There is no "hierarchy of (physical) needs" when it comes to the spiritual life.

What is spirituality? How it is connected to mind and body and religion?
It has been said that the body and the spirit are the soul of man. What that means is that we are comprised of two entities. First and most important is that we are spiritual beings. While I say this is most important I also acknowledge it is the least understood, therefore, the least developed aspect of the human experience. Second we are human.

You speak of "mind and body" and most speak of spirituality in this way but let me say that mind and body are part of the human. They have nothing to do with spirit. In fact, you cannot get to spirit through the mind. I know most will disagree with this but it is the mind that prevents you from finding the spiritual being that dwells within your physical body.

You can read more in the resources I provide below but what you must do in a spiritual search is to shut down the mind. this is hard to do but the best way to do it is to meditate and try to vacate the mind of all thinking and thought. In such quietness the divine (that you are) will speak to you and you will be able to engage in that part of you that is the most significant part of your life here on Earth.

Perhaps the most significant act of self discipline is to quiet the mind that never wants to shut up. Struggle to silence the noise and chatter that goes on in your head and you will find God. In fact, you will discover that not only are you spiritual but you are also the god of your own experience. You are more incredible then your "finite" mind allows you to be. Good luck in your search and thanks for the intelligent and thoughtful question.

What if I ask the universe for something and then I realize that I don't really want that, but something else instead?
Step up to an even higher characteristic of yourself. You are god. You create your own experience and are responsible for everything that happens in that experience. Gods create. You are god so create your experience. Everything is at your command. Don't change your order. Create a new one. Good luck!!

Alive, but dying to live-what does this mean, spiritually speaking?
Let yourself "die" to the things you identify with. The things that hold you in this reality that are detrimental to spiritual fulfillment. You are greater then anything you can possibly imagine with a finite mind but until you can overcome the things you think are important, in 3 dimensional reality, it is difficult to ever discover your divine nature.

Karma, do you believe that life balances itself out?
No. There is nothing in life to balance out. Everything, regardless of how you view it, is equal. Life is completely honest and fair. All you have to do is live it without making any judgment of it. It is all incredible! Enjoy it.

Spiritually speaking, how does one teach a child compassion?
Compassion is the natural state of a newly born child and we adults program it out of them because it was programmed out of us. The question really should be "how can we regain the natural state of compassion we had as children?" The answer would be "watch and learn from children."

Compassion is not something you learn. It is something you have. We are "unlearned" compassion and mask what is inherently in us to something else altogether. Compassion is completely unemotional. It is not "caring" as most think it is. Children (until we adults mess them up) live by "will" and move through their youth (again, until we mess them up) without attachments to outcomes. They are not emotionally tied to events and circumstances so they live life with an almost reckless abandon and everything is incredible. That is how we as adults should be doing it!

Compassion is part of our inherent "spiritual" nature and can only be "regained" when we discover that part of us. We come to this life as gods. We are conditioned to be otherwise. Learn from children. They know the way better then any adult.

If God created all things, did He create evil?
Evil, as is good, is mind created. It only exists because you have made it so. Additionally, you are god. You create your own experience. Cease judging between what you decide is good and what is evil and they will both go away. Life will become experience only and you will be richer for it.

Which religion do you think is the right one?
Any spiritual journey that takes you to a religion or any other institution is a faulty search. Churches (religions) are egoic and therefore they are limited in what they can do for you spiritually. I am not saying that you should not join or attend churches or other religious institutions, but I am saying do not buy into the dogma in a rigid way. You limit your growth when you do so.

Be open to everything and you will discover that life experience is all about you and no one else (no organization either). You are god and the creator of your experience. Don't limit that experience with the finite beliefs of man made institutions or dogmas of any kind.

Isn't God just scapegoating humanity & nature for his own mistakes and failures?
Great question but here's the rub. The "God" you refer to does not exist. You and you alone are the only god of your existence and anything you ascribe to the "God" out there, you refer to, is what you choose to believe. The truth is that anything you ascribe to him or her is really attributable to you. You have all the power you give to some god out in yonder heavens.

Funny that, as a god (yourself), you fuss and worry about some made up god and all his failures. You don't have time for such things. Start creating the life you know you can have and forget about the "folly" of others or some fictional being. Life is too short for such things.

Does a human's ability to think and reason outweigh its physical instinct?
Yes, but there is something that outweighs the ability to think and reason. It is called intuition and it is the spirit within you knowing a higher form of "knowing." We all have this. It is not a gift as many believe and it has nothing to do with the mind or emotion.

Intuition is the voice of god, e.g. YOU the god speaking to you in a way that there is no doubt whatsoever.

Does higher levels of spirituality can strengthen the mind so much that it can make it move even matter?
You cannot access the spiritual through the mind. The two are diametrically opposed to each other. The way to find spiritual strength that allows you to perform miracles is to decouple the mind from the part of you that is spiritual (even god). This is a very difficult thing to do but meditation is a good start.

When you are able to do such things it will have nothing to do with the mind. The last thing you want to do is strengthen the mind. Find your inner self (your inner god) and you will be able to do the things you mention.

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