Where Does Your
Spiritual Journey Lead You?

By Carl Bozeman

Finding your spiritual journey is the pathway to discovering your life and your spirit. It is the doorway to knowing God.

There is an awakening occuring in the world today that is sending reverberations through virtually everyone on the planet.

We are observers and participatants in the changing of thoughts and ideas about life, death and everything in between.

The search for greater meaning of life on a collective scale is unparalleled in human history. Doors to discovering the spiritual nature we all possess are being opened to everyone in every walk of life.

From ancient remedies for finding spiritual meaning and purpose to modern thought and purpose driven searches, we are on the cusp of a profound change in how we view all of life on this planet.

I, like others, have always quested for inner sight, clairvoyance, and an inner knowing of my own divine nature. On these pages, we will explore paths I have used, and am using, to know the divine.

We will explore prayer, meditation, shamanic journeying, drum circles, chanting, breathing, confession, and other methods, ancient and modern, to explore our spiritual roots.

We will look at spiritual coaches, spirit guides, angels (or "others", as they are sometimes called), power animals and other helpers who provide guidance, support and know-how when we explore our inner natures.

Additionally, we will look at spiritual methods for healing body, mind and spirit.

I will share my affirmations for life and for spirit that you may modify or use as is.

The gates are completely open to exploration, discovery, and finding your sacred path.

I invite everyone to share their paths, especially those not covered here.

We are so blessed to be here in this time when the heavens are opening before us and we are left no more searching in vain for light.

We are the divine, the God of our own experience. In our own way, we are gifts to the world, to nature and to life.

At the end of each page, you will be given an opportunity to share your spiritual journey and describe your sacred path.

It will be available for all to see and explore. It will be your gift to others who search.

Please share!

Finding your spiritual journey is a singular gift to the collective world. We are all uplifted when a fellow sojourner finds a way!!

Share Your Spiritual Journey!

What spiritual methods have helped you on your sacred path?

Share your explorations here, especially if they are methods that I have not covered!

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