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By Carl Bozeman

Here are some additional resources I have discovered and recommend. These are links to sites of interest that cover a wide spectrum of related topics.

The Magnificent Truth Blog - This is the blog site for Daniel Parmeggiani, who just released an amazing new book, April 29, 2014, which by the way is my birthday.  Daniel is soulful, honest and insightful, and his words resonate from a deep inner strength.  You can feel his warmth and concern for those who search for greater meaning in life.  I also highly recommend his book "The Magnificent Truths of our Existence."  Check it out!

The Meditation Techniques Guide - Meditation Techniques Guide offers in-depth knowledge of Meditation and a large collection of meditation techniques that help to reduce stress, achieve mental peace and tranquility, and a total self-transformation.

The Truth Contest - This is a strong Internet presence for honest, serious truth seekers. The mission is simple: "This is a contest to find and spread the truth about life and death, the ultimate truth. With honesty, open minds, an open exchange of ideas, good will and the power of the Internet, we will find and spread the truth about life and death." The main page goes on to say: "The Truth Contest is really not a competition with a winner. It is the best way to find, define and spread the truth. It is a contest where everyone wins."

Mindbridge-LOA - Mindbridge-LOA is the Law of Attraction compendium for abundance, peace and happiness. This site offers complete and comprehensive information to understand and use the Law of Attraction effectively. They will help you to get results. Learn from their synopses of the old masters of the Law of Attraction. Learn from their summaries of contemporary teachers. You can learn to manifest your desires.

Easy Answers for Life - God's answers to life through an easy book download. You are creating your own life every second of everyday. Are you creating the life you want?

The 400 Biggest Questions to Easily Capture Anyone's Life Story is one of the most important and meaningful books anyone could ever give or receive. Click here to visit Life Story Book.

BodyMindSpirit Directory - Great Directory for all things related to Body, Mind and Spirit.

Heal Pain Naturally - Jenny is a miracle of healing naturally. Her website contains a wealth of information about natural and spiritual ways to heal the body. Her own story is a compelling testimony to the power we have to overcome any obstacle.

Evolving Door Astrology - All Things Astrology! From "Horoscopes" to "Astrology Humor" to a "Dictionary" of words and meanings you will find everything you ever wanted to know about Astrology on this site. The "Evolving Door Astrology" website is a great resource for novice and advance astrological seekers and is constantly adding the latest information and resources to make your journey into, not only Astrology, but psychology and spirituality as well. A great resource for expanding your own, unique, inner awareness. "The Evolving Door is open!"

Changing My Life - Changing my life gives you genuine ways to start changing your life.

Holistic Health – Garden Route & Klein Karoo - Holistic Health - Garden Route & Klein Karoo (South Africa) attempts to incorporate all holistic health practitioners and provide information about discovering and exploring all aspects of living a vibrant, healthy life with integrity of body and harmony of mind. The site provides an online shopping facility, information on practitioners, retreats & spas, exercise facilities, readings, health tips and a lot more.

Personal Growth, Personal Development, and Self Improvement ArticlesFree Personal Growth and Personal Development resources, healthy recipes, and inspirational quotes focusing on improving the quality of your life.

Holistic Healing Central - Holistic Healing Central is a site which offers support for your individual healing and self development journey. Nicola provides in-depth articles and practical advice on many aspects of holistic health and personal development, as well as offering a personal coach service using traditional counseling and holistic techniques.

History of Meditation

Adelioux - Adelioux is an inspirational web-site that has been created to reach out and offer some inspiration, encouragement and uplifting to all in need.

Spiritual Cinema Circle

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