What Happens After The Body Dies?

by Dave
(Cleveland Ohio)

If we are energy, and energy is neither created nor destroyed (not to mention Gods are infinite), what, in your estimation, happens after the body dies? What form do we take, etc?

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Sep 01, 2013
You're Oh so right
by: Carl

Thank you, Ron. I believe I mentioned in my response that I could not answer such a question but perhaps I was too vague. In any case I appreciate your response and apologize for my lack of clarity. All my best!


Aug 31, 2013
by: Ron

The only thing I am aware of is: You did not answer the question.

Jul 25, 2012
Tough Question
by: Carl

Hi Dave,

Thanks so much for the (tough) question. It is one of the great ones that has been asked over the ages and like all questions of the "mind", the mind also creates answers. I can't answer your question (as much as my mind says: "oh come on you know something about it").

Truth is I have never had an insight into what happens and, like so many of the concepts I have been taught over the years, I'm not going to share dogma you likely have already heard. What I will say, Dave, is that the "human mind" is the only part of us that asks the question "What form do we take, etc." The mind wants to "know," without equivocation and so desperately that over the centuries it has devised various levels of "form" into which it can "lead" our beliefs.

Ultimately it doesn't matter what happens after the body dies. I always say that we return to what we were doing before we got here and in infinity that could be anything. And who knows, maybe we come back again to "play" some more or try out other worlds and other forms!

What I can tell you for sure, Dave, is that "we" are not our bodies. We are not our minds, egos or anything else we connect to or identify with in this human experience. When you come to know "what" you were/are before you took on human form, you will glimpse the "infinity" you speak of and you will also perceive that any identification to "form" is a limit to your nature. You are unlimited! Even the concept that "everything is energy" is a mind created "limitation." We're unlimited. Completely and that means no concepts at all....ever.

Thanks, again for your question, Dave. I once used to ask such questions but no longer do. I just embrace everything about this human experience and could not be more thrilled to be a part of everything going on. Human experience is too short to even spend one second on such things. I know what I am and I know what I am not. Pretty cool!!!

All my best, Dave,


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