What is happening?

by Baby Llenza
(San Juan,PR)

Do exterior things trigger memories that will bring me back to a place I do not want to be?

You say one creates our own world...trust me, I did not think this...

And how can I get back to where I was before....in happiness?

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Jan 06, 2013
by: Justin Lynn

Carl is right, baby. He explains a universal truth... happiness resides in you. It can not be found. How can one find something they already have?

I would like to recommend to you a very profound book; The power of now, by Eckhart Tolle.

Dec 17, 2012
Memories Triggered
by: Carl

Hi Baby,

I apologize for the late response. Memories are triggered because we accept that memories hold significance in our present reality. They don't but most humans hold on to them as if they were the only thing available to define their current lives. Memories become the catalyst for staying in the past when the present is really all there is. We literally weigh ourselves down with things, (memories) that no longer exist.

The human mind is funny this way. For some reason it (the mind) loves history and will create an identity around it that is neither present or true. No part of our "history" comes close to defining who we really are and yet we cling to it as if it were all there was. In a word it's "nuts!"

Why we do this is because we are conditioned to do it. We are taught that outside our real nature that we are something else that is the culmination of our historical existence. In other words we think our memories are us when they are nothing more then baggage we carry when we need not carry them anymore.

Your question to "get back" to where you were before is exactly opposite of what you really need to do. To go back is to run around in the past looking for something that is not there and never was there and will never be there. The "past" does not exist. Where can you find happiness? You find it by being fully in the present. That is the only place it exists in.

Your natural state is happiness and when you release all your historical ideas of yourself and find who it is that resides in your body you will discover that everything about you is happy. In other words you cannot "find" happiness! It already resides within you. You only need to find YOU and you will know the inner beauty we all possess.

You will also find that everything in life is vast and beautiful and so incredible that your human body can barely hold the awe and splendor that fills your being. Again this is your natural state. Don't look for what you are in the past expressions of your life. They're not there!! Right now in this very moment you are magnificent beyond anything your mind can "think." Right now!!

Detach from your memories. They don't mean anything and they certainly don't define you in any way. If you think you need to achieve a certain state, accomplish something special or be recognized in a certain way you will never really know happiness. Happiness cannot be found; it simply is and when you discover YOU, you will know happiness in a way very few humans ever experience!

Give up any search for happiness. Happiness will find you and when it does every aspect of life will be exhilarating beyond description! I promise!


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