The tragedy in Conneticut.

Is the Newtown, CT massacre an evil act? If good and evil don't exist, how are we to rationalize such horrific acts?

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Dec 23, 2012
You're Welcome, Kynn
by: Carl


Thank you so much for the kind words and for the honesty you share about how you feel toward the shootings. It is so hard to sort these thing out and find a way to love our experience of "it" and of everything that goes on in this life. There are heroes and giants amongst us and they perform feats of valor we cannot imagine.

Don't look for reasons, Kynn. The mind will never comprehend because it is set on description and definition. That "higher mind" you speak of already knows "ALL" and if you can keep the mind and emotions at bay, its profound knowing will distill upon you in ways you cannot imagine. I promise.

Again, thank you so much. You are a gift to me and I know to so many others. I love you for it and send you all my best wishes and blessings,


Dec 19, 2012
Thank you Carl
by: kynn flynn

I have read and enjoyed "On Being God" but I was still struggling with the emotions I felt upon hearing about the tragedy in CT.
Thank you Carl for your wisdom and insights on such a difficult topic.
I will need to re-read your excellent books, and continue to meditate until my inner thoughts coalesce with my higher mind.

Dec 17, 2012
Rationalization Unnecessary
by: Carl

This is a difficult question to respond to as the events in Connecticut stir us with intensified emotions that make it hard to accept that such things could possibly happen without adding a definition of evil to it. I will not even attempt to provide insight into why such things happen. It is part of the mystery of our existence and believe it or not it is part of the richness of that experience, albeit sad and tragic.

Was this an evil act? No. It was the act of a young man whose mind overcame every aspect of his own spiritual nature. A nature we all possess but lose to the noise of mind in varying degrees. His loss was of a severe nature to the point that he no longer heard any voice but the one in his head that saw no other way out of his particular illusion. He broke under the weight of his own reality and while we are saddened by the loss of all the little ones, we too should be saddened for him as well.

It is difficult to let our hearts "feel" for this young man whom most will label evil and yet it is he who deserves our greatest love and concern. Not because of any fate we would like to assign to him, in our anger and disgust, but because he represents a seed in each of us we would like to believe is not there. This is difficult to accept but our collective reality is the culmination of our individual realities. We cannot run from it or pretend it is not there nor will it disappear in our expressions of shock and horror.

In my book; "On Being God - Beyond Your Life's Purpose" I state the following: "We are the good that we love, the evil we hate, the darkness we fear, the light that gives hope. We are all things, people, places we imagine or cannot imagine. We are all thoughts and forms and are endowed with power to create the good we cherish or the evil we despise in this existence. We are the beauty that loves and the ugliness that hates. We are the then, the now, and the yet to be simultaneously in a never-ending, timeless sea of infinite life. …we are a part with everything in the universe!! We are being spoken to by infinity every single moment of our lives and all we need to do is stop, be still, and listen; in waves of indescribable beauty it pours into us."

This experience is ours to love and embrace or condemn and despise. The discovery of YOU who exists outside your human body really has no such choice. Who YOU are, who we all are, simply "loves" and never judges anything in the experience of being human.

Those children are not lamenting that their lives as humans were cut short. They are infinite, as are you, and they have fully embraced their slayer as the divine being that he is. In infinite existence, "they" know no evil nor have they judged.

Like I said....."Difficult". "Be still" and let your own voice speak to you of the peace you seek. You won't find "evil" or "judgment" in this place.

All my best,


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