Self Discovery is the Way to a Purpose Driven Life

By Carl Bozeman

Purpose Driven Lif

The purpose driven life has its roots in the idea that we, as humans, have come into existence for some divine purpose, the finding of which can be our only way to happiness in life.

Consequently, we embark upon our own individual journey to discover the meaning of life and in so finding, we will fufill our destiny as an individual trying to find inner peace in the world as we know it.

What really is your purpose in life?

Our only purpose in life is for all life to live. Living life, basking in the abundance of every part it and simply experiencing every aspect of it we can is the only life purpose any of us need.

Inner peace comes to us when we let go of the idea that we cannot have a meaningful life unless we discover what it is we think we need to do.

Our physical well-being is predicated on an inner peace that can only come when we let go of the idea that we must chase something here on earth, the finding of which is the only way to happiness and fulfillment in life.

Our only intentionin life should focus on discovering the reality of the person each of us is at a deeply spiritual level. Upon finding that, we will automatically move in a direction that will bring out the real inner self and life will cease to be a struggle to know our divine purpose.

At that point, the future will no longer matter because from that point on life will find us and we will swim in an ocean of abundance.

Our spiritual quest should lead to finding the unique and inner part of us that we all know anyway. Everyone one of us knows intuitively at some level who and what we are and only when we allow that part of us to emerge from within will we ever be able to truly find inner peace and a life of abundance, meaning and happiness.

The purpose driven life is not about finding purpose. It is rather about finding self. Find self, and life will find you.

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