Practical Spirituality
for a Practical Life

By Carl Bozeman

Practical Spirituality

Practical Spirituality is a guide to staying in touch with the inner awareness of your divine nature but living in a three dimensional world that does everything to convince us otherwise.

It is an approach to separate our spiritual or divine natures from the onslaught of the three dimensional reality that surrounds our every moment.

The aspects of this three dimensional life asks us to have faith in certain things on one hand, while challenging our beliefs on the other. It divides us between subjective lines of good and evil while we are promised that positive thinking, the Law of Attraction, hope and a well-trained and educated mind is what will propel us forward in life and secure the abundance and inner peace we all seek. We are taught to make choices about individual morality and sin, or to characterize outside influences, such as the devil, as the reasons we run astray in life.

Everywhere we look, three dimensional reality pulls us outward away from that which we all know on some level is our true identity.

How do we cope with the complexity of three dimensional life AND the simplicity of spiritual knowing?

Practical spirituality is a way to find inner guidance from that pool of inner wisdom we all possess, and use it in the presence of every "now" moment in life. It is, in fact, creative power.

It is a way of conserving spiritual energy by letting go of the things that we are taught are important. We need to simply live as though everything matters, knowing full well that none of it does. None of what is valued in life as taught matters to the spiritually awakened individual. The spiritually awakened individual lives with gratitude for every aspect of life and takes everything in as a matter of course and nothing more.

Be practical in life, be spiritual in nature.

How Do You Live Spiritually?

What challenges do you have living spiritually in this world?

How are you able to be practical in life, and yet spiritual in nature?

Tell us your thoughts!

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