Did God created the world, and other planets, humans etc?

by Eugene
(South Africa)

Did God created humans? Then who created Adam and Eve.

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Aug 15, 2012
Thanks Carl for your reply
by: Eugene

Dear: Carl

Thanks for your brave knowledge, knowledge is power.

Bless you.

Aug 14, 2012
The "un-begun, beginning"
by: Carl

Hi Eugene,

Thanks so much for your questions. I have waited to respond to you because I recognize the difficulty in answering such questions, especially in the light of what humankind has been so convincingly conditioned to believe.

What I mean by this is that virtually everywhere you go on planet earth and in what ever "time" it is (past, present and likely future) humans of all walks of life are conditioned to believe that there is a "god" out there somewhere who controls all things in the universe. Wars are fought and numerous lives are lost over this and the factions who claim that their concept or notion of god is the right one and the one that sanctions such destruction and suffering for the "non-believers."

My response to your particular question(s) is: "whether there is a god or not it does not matter." What I have come to know is that YOU are the creative center of the universe, as am I and everyone else. In other words YOU are god! there is no other beside you and this earth and everything on it including Adam and Eve (however, you may perceive them) is your unique and wonderful creation. "They" are and "it" is, whatever you make it and the power to do that is uniquely that of gods.

Nothing outside YOU exists. Nothing! Nothing "outside," at all, exists. You have created a unique and wonderful experience that is yours and yours alone and I am a player in your experience as is everyone else you choose to have in it. I know how hard this is to comprehend in light of what we are taught in schools, churches, etc., but the awareness of most humans is limited to a very small fraction of what is really going on and most humans understand this but back away from it because society in general will mock the idea that we are something more profound than we can describe as human beings. We are. Everyone of us is unimaginably incredible but "human" experience has us convinced that we are not!

Bottom line, Eugene. YOU are God! You created and are creating your entire experience and you will never be judged for it. Never, never, never! "Did God create the world and other planets, humans, etc?" Yes.....but YOU are God. Are Adam and Eve a part of your creation? Absolutely; if you make it so. YOU ARE THE CREATOR, Eugene! Just you and no one else and I quite frankly am glad you created "all things" and that you have included me in your creation! It is a great honor. All my best,


Aug 11, 2012
Yes sirrrrr!!!!!!
by: erica

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. John 1:33

He made that smile of yours for sure.
Back at You, Erica :-)

p.s. "Rouse thyself, why sleepest thou, O Lord. Awake!"

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