Point Of No Return

by erica

Hi. Smiling! Question-- have you ever experienced an excruciating "Is-ness", if you will? Or a being-ness or Am or I Am-ness? Perhaps you have, but 'excruciating' you may be asking. Well, Yeah, for lack of a better word. Not painful as the dictionary defines the word but, i don't know, I sorta feel this... i guess an "I'm here, Now, moment" & it, i wanna say it creeps me out a little but i suppose it's mostly overwhelming. At the risk of not making sense, I cringe at my Being. Lol! It's weird. I embrace the so-called weird these days. Jeez!!! Sometimes it all seems so alien. Me or the enviroment one. LlllllOooooooVvvvvvvEeeeeeee. Have a Happy!!!! erica

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Oct 13, 2011
Grace Becomes You
by: Carl Bozeman


There is an eloquence in this message that transcends the "gentleness" of your "death." I am with you dear friend. You've touched me in a way only the "higher self" can. Grace becomes you. We should talk.

"Of itself time is not. I blinked and there I was, without beginning or end in an infinite sea of timeless wonder. I was it and it was me. I am not the same....."

All my love, Carl

Oct 10, 2011
There you Go Keeping It Quote Unquote Real Again
by: Anonymous

We are on the same page. The "normal" is what's foreign to me. The affairs of everyday existence. It is likely in these cringe moments that i experience the natural or Higher Self. The truth is i'm dying, C. It's a gentle death. It's Grace.
Peace and Love, erica,

"Of itself time neither lends nor borrows, i blinked my eyes and decades passed, it never came... Tomorrow"

Oct 09, 2011
Smilin' Too
by: Carl Bozeman

Hi Erica,

I think I know what you are experiencing. I even describe a situation in my book where I encounter a being or entity that, while benevolent and kind, everything in my body screamed to pass out on the floor. I have had many experiences where the circumstance was so foreign to me that I was struck with fear. I think the word ?foreign? lies at the heart of this state of ?being-ness? you speak of. It goes back to the premise that we are all pretty much told (conditioned) how we should see the world and it starts at birth. There is a false presumption that babies are pure and innocent and need to be taught how to live in the world; that they come here with little or no awareness. What makes this false is that they are so close to the actual ?divine? part of themselves that, ?that? escapes the purview of everyone involved with the baby. Sooooooo sad!

What I am saying is that ?what was once NOT foreign (to the newly born child) is now foreign.? We are taught to put aside our ?childish? ways and see the world in a new way; an egoic way. In so doing we feel weird or, as you say, ?cringe? or ?creeps me out? or ?alien? when we experience these moments of ?I AM-ness.? Had we not been taught to cover up ?who we were? at birth, we would not experience such feelings. In fact it would be so natural to us we would not understand those who have no such experiences. The ?alien-ness? you feel is contrary to what you experienced when you arrived here. ?Alien-ness? is what you have been programmed to experience since then. Now when the divine calls to you from deep within it is an ?un-natural? feeling. Keep your love affair with the ?weird? and the ?alien,? Erica. For most of us what we now call ?un-natural? is really the ?nature? we need to be seeking.

In time you will no longer ?cringe? at your ?being.? Let yourself be overwhelmed. Making ?no sense? is what ego wants you to experience. Allowing the ?mysterious,? while contrary to ego, is the divine reaching out for the awareness of gods. Our egoic logic has no place in such experience. Be one with ?creepy.? All my best Erica. I love our conversation!


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