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The Book On Being God

By Carl Bozeman

Carl Bozema

Carl is a modern-day spiritual pioneer and author born in Tacoma, Washington, but has lived in Colorado since 1974.

In 2006, Carl had a profound transformative event that changed the way he viewed his life and the lives of all of us forever.

Since that life-changing event, he has devoted his life to sharing his knowledge with those searching for a similar knowing.

He is deeply committed to providing information to those he has envisioned are looking for something greater than that which we have been conditioned to accept as all there is!

His new book On Being God - Beyond Your Life's Purpose, imparts the message that, beyond any egocentric identity we create in this life, we are first creators of our own experience.

Simply put, we are gods who have taken on human form, not for any other purpose than to experience the abundance of every aspect of human form we possibly can, and that we are already greater than anything we can conceive of with the finite and limited human mind.

Sadly, the ego identity we have created over thousands of years of human evolution has masked over any idea that we are divine from the start. This has created the need for us to look outward to gods created in our own image to rule over and judge us.

At the core of Carl's teachings is that:

1) We are gods; not a part of some higher consciousness or the physical incarnation of life forms through which God can experience three dimensional life but real gods in our own right with all the creative power we give to the God out theresomewhere in the heavens.

2) Three dimensionality has conditioned us to accept, as reality, an illusion that life is what we see it as through our five senses and that anything outside of that is unprovable and therefore unreal.

3) A significant part of the illusion we are conditioned to accept is that there is sin in the world. The idea of opposites permeates every aspect of life which throws us into the judgment of that which is good versus that which is evil. Good and evil is a metaphor for the infinite range of possibilities we, as gods, have before us. Sin does not exist as anything other than our conditioning defines it. Gods have no sin!

4) We can rediscover our true nature, our divinity, and see past the illusory life we live and upon discovering our true self we can experience life in a way unimaginable while in the illusory state.

5) Ultimately there is no purpose in life other than to experience every aspect of it and enjoy everything about it whether we consider it good or bad experience. Life is wondrous beyond anything the illusion we live under allows us to see.

His is an individual message to everyone that we are our own unique and individual creative center of the universe and that nothing out there will ever end the conflict and suffering experienced the world over.

When we evolve individually to this higher level of knowing, the collective world will follow.

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