by Cindy
(Auburn, WA)

Do you believe in it?

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Oct 23, 2011
Re- In or just In
by: erica

Do I? Yes. I'm not sure how i would explain it though. Not just life's too short but rather Reincarnation was created because time was made. In layman's terms, the so-called "time" it's taking to know oneself again out measures elapsed clock time. At least that's how i understand it if that's what you mean by reincarnation. I say that because there is a school of thought that reincarnation is voluntary by Sages and "Saints" to help those of us who are here involuntarily (incarnate) that we may learn to know our true Higher Self again. Good question.
Peace and World Peace, E

Aug 13, 2011
Yes I do!
by: Carl Bozeman


Thanks for the question. "Do I believe in Reincarnation?" The short answer is Yes. What I do not believe about the generally accepted ideas of reincarnation is that we are in some kind of "circular" mode that keeps us returning because we have some great need or lesson to learn in our "multiple" three dimmensional experiences.

I believe our Earthly experience is far less complicated then most humans make it out to be. We are almost universally taught that we are less then what we really are. We are gods. We create life experience. In fact, we create everything. I am not talking about a "collective" creation. I am saying that YOU, all by yourself, create everything in your reality including the Earth and the universe and everything else. This is where I am sideways with the general view of reincarnation.

If you are god (and you are) then why do you need to improve anything? The reality of the situation for all of us here on Earth is that we came "down" to be humans. We do not need to work "up." As gods we could not be more "UP." Simply, I believe that we "choose," as gods, to come back because its a nice break from what we do as gods. In other words, our experience here is nothing more then a vacation and we should learn to lighten up and have fun with the experience instead of complicating it with the idea that we are lowly creatures and must improve by repeating our life experiences until we figure it out.

When you begin to view the world and your life in that perspective you'll find that all of this wonderful experience is incredible and, quite frankly, indescribable! You, Cindy, are "perfect" in every way and if you don't accept that it is only because you have been told "what" to believe. You are a god and you get to create and if you want to come back as a toad then so be it. Have fun with it and if you enjoyed the experience, do it again. Just remember you, as god, make your reality whatever you want it to be. I, personally, am going to keep coming back (as a vacation) and enjoy all the many opportunities and experiences I can as often as I can. I think being here is pretty darned cool.

Blessings, Cindy. May your spiritual journey be a wonderful one and may you find the YOU who came here and dwells within your human form. That is God. You are greater then you can possibly imagine!

All my best,

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