What i Meant To Say Was...

by erica
(philadelphia, pa.us)

How do you drop a hot potatoe? You just drop it. That's my response to letting God. Whatever robs you of your peace, do your small part then let it be. You don't get an extra day worrying yourself sick. It reminds me of my nephew telling his grandmother, my mother, "Grandmom, stop worrying about us. Nobody's worried about you worrying about them." That was an epiphany moment for her that still causes her to smile. On surrendering, i'm not as clear. Over the course of my few posts i know i am redundant. That's the way things hit me. I thank you for your patience. Ok, so the ego is not easily undone or so it seems. There's nowhere to get or strive for (whispers the voice) but i digress. A Course in Miracles tells us how force and condemnation will not get it done. Having tried and "failed" those approaches, that was good to know. I have alot going on. Habits, likes, wants; none of them needs or out of the ordinary, however, "The Course" reminds us "not to take one step in the descent to hell. Having taken one you will not recognize the others and they will follow. (paraphrase) So, how does one surrender? Thank you mucho much. ;)

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Sep 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

Words (our way of communicating) are limited with regard to such commentary. I'm not confused by terminology, C, but boy-oh-boy the tricks the ego uses. Hey it wants to live too. I've reached a point where if i tried to understand some things, my head would explode. Somehow i just know what i know. One of those things is, I am not a sinner. (meaning we) Sure hope i didn't give you that impression. Nothing could be further from the truth. As much as i can have a problem with the Bible, that would be it -- this idea of sinners and damnation and hellfire and a God that is terrifying if you ask me. No sirree bub! No sinners here. Not a sinner; asleep. Thank you very much. To say the least your comments are eye opening and you need not be so gentle if necessary. Whatever works. I'm not the offended kind. ;) I start your book, On Being God, today. Looking forward to it. Talk to you soon. Big Smile, erica

Sep 05, 2011
Potato, Potauto.......
by: Carl Bozeman

As always I enjoy so much what you call your ?redundancy? and definitely do not see it the way you do. Oh that we could ?drop? ego as easily as you describe dropping a ?hot potato.? One of the great complexities of many spiritual writers and even Jesus (if you accept the Jesus is the actual author of the Course in Miracles) is that in discussing ?non-duality? they use terminology that is expressly ?dual? in the explanation. I do the same thing. It?s difficult not to. For instance your own comment from the Course about a ?descent to hell.? Duality is the ?cause? of a place called Hell. Non-duality knows no such place. The Course in Miracles is a book on ?non-duality? yet it speaks over and over about ?right and wrong,? ?separation from God,? ?heaven and hell,? etc., etc., all of which are ?dual? expressions of ?non-dual? ideas.

How do you surrender? You don?t. Stop trying because there is nothing to surrender from. That is a non-dual idea. You are already perfect, divine and the creative center of the universe. Your experience is all there is. You are not your body, mind, emotions or any other aspect of ?the human? you may think. Nor are you ?separate? from God (as the course states but then turns around and says what I?m saying). There is nothing wrong with ?the experience? of being human and all the wonderful sensations and dramas that play out. As gods, we make it that way. All you need to do is ?drop? the idea that you are less than what you are and simply see the wonder in this ?grand spectacle? we call ?human existence.?

If Jesus or the Course in Miracles or Buddha or Lao Tsu, me or anyone else wanted to make ?ONE? thing clear to all of us it is simply this: DO NOT JUDGE! Judgment of any kind immediately throws us into the quandary of ?duality? and the idea of ?right and wrong,? ?good and evil,? and everything else we see in this world that divides and separates us. It is our connection to this single idea that messes us up from seeing incredible beauty and wonder with every single breath we take! How do you surrender? Stop ?thinking? you need to surrender or, to put it another way, ?stop judging? any part of your experience. Have your wants, habits and desires but never, ever, ever, condemn yourself or be dissatisfied because you do not fulfill them or you think ?they are bad/wrong.? Why do you think Jesus made such a fuss about overcoming the idea that ?we? are sinners?? Stop it! You are not a sinner, nor am I or anyone else because sin just does not exist, except as a construct of the mind (this is stated very clearly in my book; On Being God ? Beyond Your Life?s Purpose http://amzn.to/kZspl4 ). There is nothing in this existence that requires any form of judgment! After all is said and done, everything about this life is pretty darn awesome.

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