Too Much Faith

by erica

Is there such a thing as too much faith? Are we really God afraid? What if i can not harness this latent power within me and is that why i deny it? About the darkness before the dawn, will i make it through? I think people choose contentment and compromise rather than deal with such issues. Ultimately we don't trust Him. What say you?
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Oct 13, 2017
Too much faith
by: Hiexpress

I believe the level of faith we have depends on the life we live. Determining the things "we need" versus the things "we want" in life". My faith is the utmost important factor of my life. I thank GOD every day for His blessings and His grace. I usually don't talk about my faith to anyone, not everyone wants to hear about GOD. But sometimes the topic comes up in conversation and I try to be very careful on how much I should say. But what I try to convey is that I have a good life, a happy life and a simple life all because of my beliefs. simple beliefs and my relationship with GOD. My parents divorced when I was very young but had a good relationship after their divorce so it wasn't so traumatic for me. They instilled in me that I needed believe in GOD and put him before them explaining that one day they're not going to be around to help me when I need but that GOD will always be. My love for my GOD is my greatest love.

Oct 29, 2011
Winking back at you!
by: Carl Bozeman

Hi Erica,
"Faith" is perhaps one of the least understood components of human experience and statements like "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" only makes it more complicated. When Jesus spoke of faith he compared it to the mustard seed which is a very small seed but blossoms into a very large tree. Most think this metaphor is about "size" as in ?a little faith is capable of "very big" things.?

This is not the case. What Jesus was trying to convey with the metaphor is that the "mustard seed" IS THE TREE. It was never about "becoming" the tree. Everything about the tree "is" in the seed. Seeds don't concern themselves about becoming trees. They already are the tree.
As this relates to us as humans ?WE? are gods. If, as seeds, we knew who we truly were there would be no doubt, whatsoever, that the seed within is no different from the ?god? within. Jesus said it another way as well, e.g. ?I and my Father are one.? The ?seed? and the ?tree? are one. In other words, ?faith? is not believing in something rather it is ?knowing,? and in knowing there is simply ?being.? It is letting be what is without assigning any definition whatsoever. The individual who comes to this knowing literally comprehends the power they have and, yes, they can move mountains.

As for your other questions the ?power? you have within is not ?latent.? It is simply untapped because, as you say most, ?deny? not the power but that it (the power) exists within them. Most will not accept their divine nature so retreat into denial, fear and compromise. This is a safer road to take as ?everyone is doing it.? It?s not that we ?don?t trust him,? rather it is that we don?t ?KNOW? him. Him/her/it is, at our very core, who we are. Finding that is the key to the ?knowing? I speak of. So says ?I.? Much love,


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