Nuts or What?

by erica

Am I wrong about this? I don't believe one's calling requires hard work. It may resemble hard work to others but in actuality nothing could be further from the truth. Or so I think. I like nice things, I want nice things. The comfort of them, like a beach home- a half ton Surburban- mad money (lol!),would be nice but mostly because of the possibility of it. Am I wrong or lazy? Contrary to how this may sound, I am not opposed to hard work. I just think it goes against the grain. (I want to say selling out.) Who the heck thinks like this? And self help programs... what do you think of them? I hesitate to say they can hinder you. I think it's on you, the individual, to recognize which ones are a step backwards.
Peace, "E"

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Nov 09, 2011
by: Carl

Hi Erica,

Nice things are nice for sure but they are not necessary to having an abundant life nor is "their" existence reason for you to alter your own existence. The object of our lives should not be the gathering of things. In fact, I have always said that YOU (each and everyone of us) is the purpose. In other words, Your existence as a human is the purpose. There is no other reason for your being here. You chose it, you created it and it is yours to do with what you will and however it unfolds you cannot screw it up. You simply cannot fail at life.

It is sad that we have been conditioned to see something other than who we are and that so many people literally fight against "who they truly are" to have the "nice things," you mention. Wanting begets getting and getting begets more wanting and at the end of the day getting what you want rarely brings any more happiness then when you were without what you wanted. Yet we are shown repeatedly that all these things we gather to ourselves are at the core of our fullfillment as humans. We are certainly told that if we have money that many doors of opportunity open up to us that were not there before.

I don't have a problem with self helpers, per se. I see most of them as searchers for inner knowing who haven't got there yet and are a little skewed as to what "it" really is. I personally get tired of the "get more money, success,etc." teachings as a way to increase awareness and give you more freedom. They don't understand freedom at all nor will getting more open your awareness. I will say (since you won't:)) that they can hinder you if you buy into anything but your own formula for life. This requires you, individually to discover who you are and to make the physical life you have congruent with the "who" that you are. To do anything else is conflict of you (the Divine) with the identity we are as humans. Ultimately, this struggle is what "wrecks" so many along the way. The struggle, however, does lead to the "dark night" so many talk about and that is usually a good thing because it typically points us back to "who" we are before we took on human form. The "dark night" is always a divorc from the "things" we have gathered before such an awakening.

As always Erica, all my love. Peace, Carl

Nov 08, 2011
by: Anonymous

Sorry. I veered a bit. There's alot going on in my last post. Allow me to explain. Genius vs. talent or one's calling vs. one's means of survival or preservation skills. Purpose and work. The conflict between the two, am I creating it? I want stuff. Do we work hard for them, which of course stands to reason? Or seek ye first the kingdom (beyond reason)which is everyone's calling -- and then come what may? The epiphany's are coming from every angle. Smile "E"

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