Anybody Back There?

by erica

Question. Am i the only one here? Lol! I feel comfortable in this forum asking such an absurd question. Thank you for that, but the truth is, I'm not sure. What!!! You're not sure? You have a mother, sister's, nieces, nephews... heck you're surrounded by people. How in the world are you the only one here? (exhale, erica) Anywho, allow me to rephrase the question. Are you a part of my illusion or do you share it with me in an ignorant blissful state? When it gets down to it, it's one or the other, is it not? Hmmm! ;)

p.s. For the record, C.B., i throw in a little devil's advocate at times but I'm always asking questions. Any answers you may perceive are truly by Divine design. Big Smile, erica

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Aug 30, 2011
Thanks For Being Back T(here)
by: erica

Trust what you can prove... Not!
" My Dearest _____,
while you speak to me still, the only witness you exist at all a madman must i be; stop this incessant talk at once lest my sense return to me." ;);)

Aug 28, 2011
I'm here, I'm here!
by: Carl Bozeman

Hello Erica,
It is not an absurd question. The answer, however, to the ?ego? most certainly is. The answer, in very straight forward terms, is ?YES.? You are the only one here. I am part of your illusion. Nothing ?outside? you exists and ?outside? includes your physical body, the mind and everything else associated with ?the body.? Let me say that again?.?You are not your body.? Now, having said that, the only way you can come to any kind of agreement with such an ?absurd? answer is to let go of everything your ?mind? ?thinks? it knows about reality. It is the mind that has created this reality and ?collective minds? that have held it in place with other individual minds.

Once you quiet the mind, which is always in a state of ?proving? what it believes is real, you will begin to awaken to ?what it is? that YOU really are and you will perceive from ?behind? your physical (human) eyes and ?see? as the god that you are really sees. I know this is a mouthful and difficult to comprehend especially to the egoic mind/self. When you reach that state of (what I call) ?knowing? you will no longer see anything in your illusory experience the same and you will never judge anything that happens (in the illusion) as good or evil or better and best, etc., etc. You will, instead, look out at ?your? creation and see it as the most wonderful experience ever. Just like the mythological God of Eden you will look out at your creation (without any judgment at all) and declare every bit of it good. You might use other adjectives such as wondrous, incredible and super neat-o but there will be no judgment attached to it at all. Even for me to say ?it is all good? implies a comparison (for most) to ?evil? or ?not good,? etc., etc.

Now, you might ask how I know this. Here is the paradox with such knowing. I can?t explain it. Simple as that. There is not a way in the egoic world to prove or convince other egos, of such things. Other egos want ?three dimensional? proofs or, in other words, egos look for signs and wonders that they can marvel at and show off. Those who discover this ?knowing? understand that offering proofs is egoic and unnecessary. They also realize the overall folly of humans in general and while being amongst them they are not really a part of them. Human existence takes on new meaning and everything, as I mentioned earlier becomes wondrous and good and none of it is ever judged in any way.

Erica, I love your devils advocacy and hope you will never stop. I love your questions and responses. Big smile back at you and all my best.

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