I Object;The Sway of Lawyers Mustn't Override a Play on Words:Sustained

by erica

Truth and that which is real are one and the same wouldn't you say? Truth is independent of view. In the world however, what's real is relative.

When i let my hair down, literally, it reaches my arm just about where i was vaccinated. This is long hair to me as my style traditionally has been a tapered bob cut but it's short to my brother whose wife's is crawling down her backside. Of course the case in point is relative.

Question. What of God? Is God real or truth? Is there a God? Let's just suppose there is. Independent of thought or viewpoints -- faith, doubt and the middle, all to the side, there is a God. It's settled. The problem is... well, the question. It's moot. In this world where relativity rules the day and the majority rules, it's all relative. Unless you're a sage or Buddha.

The good news is the veil is a silk screen to those Enlightened Beings whose consciousness Does trump the dark(k)night. I think the issue may very well be God's Omnipotence. The people are saying "Jane, stop this crazy thing!! "(jetson's lore:) Seriously though, stop the madness. You are God aren't you? Or can't you? For those who can't wrap their heads around that possibility it's easier that no one's there. But what if it's not a matter of can't?

A Course in Miracles tells us, God only knows what is real. This bears repeating. God only knows what is real. God (Only) knows. Well then, the world as it is suggest just how powerful we human beings truly are. Co-creators, right? God, whom can't interfere or He wouldn't be God, may not but we can. Stop this crazy thing i mean. After all, "Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. ;)

Peace and World Peace

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Aug 20, 2011
by: Carl Bozeman

First, let me say; your hair must be beautiful even if it is not in the style in your normal ?bobbed? cut and I must say that you are equally beautiful in the bobbed style as well. Second, let me say I love your comments. It?s hard for me tell if you are asking questions or if you are the one with all the answers. I think the latter and I love it.

Since the questions have been answered, let me add to the discussion. Relativity is only applicable in a reality that recognizes a ?duality.? In other words, you need something dimensionally to be ?relative? to or you no longer have relativity. Hence the comparison to your hair and your sister in law?s. ?Truth? is nothing is real. Not even what you label ?unreal.? Another way of saying this (and to use your term) ?everything is 'moot'.?

The Course in Miracles is a course in ?non-duality? even though it is, typically, not understood by most in this way. The ?god? of ?A Course in Miracles? is not real other than to describe a metaphor of ?you.? You, then, are not a ?co-creator? because co-creator implies you have someone assisting you in creation which cannot be because that would put you back into duality which always ?sees? the ?out there? that really isn?t there at all!

What does this all mean (new question I know but I couldn?t help it)? It means that the only truth of your existence is that ?I? along with everyone/everything else do not exist other then as a part of your own singular creation. You are part of mine. In other words Erica, you are God. You are the creative center of your universe and no part of your creations affect mine (which don?t exist anyway). For me it is never a question of ?can I? or ?can?t I?, rather it is why would I? I created what I experience in my universe. I don?t see the ?madness? you mention in yours. For me to do so is to interfere in yours which ?gods? don?t do. It is the ?dualistic? human mind (ego) that sanctions interference. That?s my story and I?m sticking to it.

Thanks, again Erica. You?re fun.

All my best and ?World Peace? as well,

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