Communicating with God

Finding the Divine in You

By Carl Bozeman

Communicating with Go

Communicating with God is the awakening to the inner awareness of your own divine nature.

The creation of God can be linked back thousands of years. The search for a supreme being throughout mankind's history has been more an attempt to discover "what" is rather than Who is God? (Give Your Thoughts Here!)

Our ideas about what God is has led to every extreme imaginable, from the complete atheist who denies any existence of the divine to the more abstract ideas that we are saved from ourselves by an act of God that required the death of his son, Jesus Christ.

So who is God?

You are God. Know thyself and you will discover God and upon discovering God, you will discover that "who" God is is the very essence of your soul.

How do you find the God within?

Communicating with God is nothing more than discovering the divine within yourself and activating a dialogue with that part of you that is tuned in to the infinite.

You are God. You are God in every way that physical reality has told you about what God is. You can do more than anything you can imagine a God out there can do.

What Are Your Thoughts?
Who Is God?
How Do You Find the God Within?

How would you respond to these questions?

Do you struggle in your search for the answers?

What other questions arise from trying to answer these questions?

Where do you find answers?

What Others Have Said

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The truth of our being is spiritual or God. 
The truth of our being is spiritual or God. Stated another way we are expressions of God occupying this conscious human form. God, I believe, is the almighty …

Who And What is God? 
God is all living things. God is the manifestation of all positive energy that comes from the universe. God is nature that does not reward nor punish. …

The One True God 
I believe that we all possess God-like attributes and that we all, in a sense, are gods. But there can only be one supreme being and I believe that is …

The Divine  
God is the divine within.

No Connection?  
I think it is an exaggeration to talk about no connection at all. If there was no connection at all with our current reality, we would have absolutely …

Who is God 
Who Is God? There is an old story about a Zen master who points to the sky at night and says to his students, "What is that?" One student said, "The …

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