Miller lite n lime, Jack Daniels straight up please

i do not know if there is anyone like me on God's green earth. i certainly don't know anyone. i am totally weird by normal standards. i totally engage in wordly stuf to be normal. i don't need or yearn any of it. (make that much of it) i wonder sometimes why my quote unquote needs are often self induced. i think i could actually live without food if i resolved to. To an extent i feel ostracized only it seems like a blessing. Except I must admit i do wonder what people closest to me have to be thinking. The "totally egaging in wordly stuf or matters being so few and far in between, that is. Just a thought. Smile ;)

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Dec 22, 2011
God's green earth
by: Carl


Thanks for sharing your thoughts and telling us all a little about yourself. You could not be more right that you are the only one like you on earth, past, present or future. That is exactly how it should be! We create our experience and I am glad to see that you take responsibility for your own creation even though there may be times you question what you are doing or why.

Don't worry about what others think or say. They can't be you nor should you ever let anyone assess what your life should look like. Follow your heart, quiet your mind and you won't miss a thing. Again, thanks for sharing. All my best,


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