The number 3 and markings on body.

by Lindsey

My beliefs are varied and I am still learning. I have used stones and crystals for my strength at times and can actually feel some so strongly it makes my eyes water. I am intuitive not sure to the degree as I have just recently quit questioning myself. I believe everything has a meaning. This I have always felt has significant meaning of some sort.....

I have 3 beauty marks in a curved line on my face to describe i can only think "Cindy Crawford" mole for the first and two above. I have these identical 3 beauty marks on each arm in the same exact place. In all 3 spots the beauty marks are almost perfectly measurable in distance from each one. The first mark being darker than the other two. Can someone help me with this???

To describe better if you click on my picture you will see the ones on my face.

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May 31, 2017
3 little moles
by: @Dellawben

I have 3 of em . .. Under my left eye

Nov 16, 2013
so weird, what does it mean?
by: Anonymous

I have many marks of three..on my leg, on my arm and recently on my stomach. there all exactly the weird.

Dec 29, 2011
Beauty in Beauty Marks
by: Carl

Hi Lindsey,

I'll agree with Erica. You are beautiful but having said that your physical beauty has no comparison to the divine being that possesses your physical body. That is where YOU are. In other words you are not your physical body, your mind, your imagination or anything else you have been told it is. You are so much more that the "human" you possess couldn't begin to comprehend it.

Is there significance to the number three and identical moles at different places on your body? Probably not. Consider that the number three is a finite number and moles are a part of something that is also finite. These things will all pass away but YOU never will. If you want to find moles look for those you wear on the "being" who dwells within you. Those are moles worthy of a god, which you are.

You have intuition. We all do. Intuition is "knowing" that comes in a language not understood by human languages. Listen to that voice (you already know it) and it will guide you into what is important. Moles are moles. I had a big black mole on my right eyelid that I thought was pretty special until a Doctor told me to put it in a jar.
I never attached any importance to it other than, like you, it was a "beauty mark" that was likely to become anything but beautiful had I left it attached to my body.

I'm not saying you should have yours removed. I am saying that your human body has moles attached. It means nothing. All meaning is in who you are separate from the body you wear. Enjoy your body but know your divine self. Therein is your strength, comfort and power. Many blessings Lindsey. Much love,


Dec 25, 2011
Thrice As Pretty
by: Anonymous

Hey Lindsey from Nebraska.

My comments are about the stones and crystals. I don't know of beauty marks and any meaning there may be. You certainly are beautiful, not to make light of it. Hopefully someone will reply that can give you guidance with that regard.

What I want to say is please please don't put your faith in idols. That isn't to say Stop whatever you're doing. In fact, don't stop what's working. You, yourself, proclaimed that you are still learning and knowing that is major, believe me. If you gain strength, cool, but when their strength diminishes and I'm not saying that they will but when they do, don't lose faith per se, but rather gain the lesson. Life's full of them. You're on the right path no matter.

Peace and Love to you.
Hey Cboze ;);)

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