Discover Self
Find Inner Peace

By Carl Bozeman

Like the search for life's purpose, finding inner peace is equally compelling.

Many scurry about looking for that one thing, that belief system, meditative experience, psychic reading, or whatever that opens the door we just never seem to be able to open.

It seems that finding such a state is illusive, or when we think we've found it, it is fleeting.

Finding this inner calmness and peace is coupled closely with finding the inner self, the part of us that is divine. However, most of us have been conditioned to believe that no such part exists in us.

In fact, Christianity has condemned us to a state of sinfulness that can only be cleansed by the sacrifice of a savior.

Is it any wonder, when we are continuously told the divine or God is an unreachable prospect for us and that we are forever trapped in a less thanstate, that we struggle to find a peaceful state within us?

Our conflict at finding such a state of being is always driven by the inner conflict we have between our divine self and the state of self our conditioning has led us to accept. Something deep within us yearns for more. It even knows that we are unique and wonderful beyond any knowing our intellect allows for. This conflict between the intellect or egoic mind and the God within us is the great struggle in everyone's lives and sadly, most of us lose to the ego.

Any search for this inner state of being is the divine trying to get through the illusion of life we have come to accept. Even our searching, while earnest, lands us outward to more egoic devices and constructs, which we believe will get us where we want to go. But, as mentioned earlier, all of the searching outward is often fleeting.

Inner peace is not a where, but rather a who!

We must discover our divine inner self to find the peace inside. What this entails is breaking through the illusion of life we have accepted and find that part of us that has greater knowing.

We need to ask who is it that drives us to want this other knowing, and then search diligently for that who that knows we are greater than our ego allows us to be.

Upon finding that part of us, inner calm and peace comes upon us in waves and waves.

Only a discovery of the divine inner self, the God within, will lead to trueinner peace.

Finding you results in peace!

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