Getting Physical.... Getting Mental

Our well-being should be looked at as the connection of our spiritual nature with that of our physical or human nature. There really are no other aspects to our lives than these. As it has been said, "We are spiritual beings taking on a physical or human experience."

For most of us in this life, we have turned it around to where our physical must rise to the spiritual and, in some religious beliefs, the attainment of being near to God is all we have to look forward to.

This is not the case. The God that you are is having a human experience and it is that God that must grow down to the human. That is not to say that we take on an animal or instinctual nature. Rather it is that we bring God to the human.

In order to do that, we must find that place where the two can co-exist. In other words, care for the spiritual as well as for the physical.

We owe it to ourselves, both spiritually and physically, to care for and to nurture both.

The mind of man (the physical) has a tendency to get distracted by things it has been conditioned to perceive as important. Consequently, the physical indulges in every aspect of its existence in such a way that the spiritual is often lost or hidden.

Indulgences are not just things, such as cravings for physical things such as food or things such as cars, boats, homes, accreditations, etc. Indulgences also include things such as emotions, cares, concerns, feelings and anything intangible that we obsess over.

When we are caught up in such indulgences, the aspects of the physical life completely overwhelm the spiritual aspect of ourselves that came here for only the experience of being physical.

While many will say that these things the physical indulges in are part of the being human experience, it is not the case. In truth, the mind (physical) of man has created another aspect of human existence that has taken over any possibility of the spirit to have a physical experience.

It is called ego, which is nothing more than an other created self that has replaced what this life is supposed to be with the things it believes are necessary and important.

The gods that we are cannot experience anything intended if all else is crowded out by the voice of egoic indulgences. This is what life has become and the well-being of the spiritual and physical is compromised because the connection of the two has been lost to other things considered more important.

Ego opposes that connection and the opposition jeopardizes the health of the whole. Ego fills us with desires to consume more than we need and in our gluttony of physical pleasure, we lose the voice of God that calls us to another more simple life.

A life that simply enjoys every aspect of the human experience and sees it all as wonderful, fun and without cause or concern.

That is the life experience we should be having.

That is well-being!

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