Your Internal Power!

By Carl Bozeman

Intention to the spiritually intuitive individual is more than choosing between that which is good or that which is bad.

We often hear people say things like he or she has good intentions but the outcome did not turn out as they had planned or desired. We use similar terminology to provide solace and comfort to those with whom the outcome was not as desired.

Unbending intent is an internal force that is completely detached from outcomes. It might be thought of as force of will, as it is what drives us forward in our actions without thought, whatsoever, for whether we fail or succeed.

Success is never measured, because success is unimportant.

How many times have we watched someone, or experienced ourselves, take on a task of immense importance to others and see their soul, or ours, be crushed because all the effort and hard work didn't pay off as expected? Some people, having been through such an experience, never recover, retreating into a world of disappointment and unhappiness. And others turn to anger and blame others for not supporting them enough.

It is truly a sad state of affairs when successful accomplishment of a desired outcome is the most important reason we take on a task.

We see this same thing in people choosing specific career paths they feel, at the time, is helping others or doing good for the world, only to become burned out a few years later.

There are no unsuccessful lives, nor are any of our experiences, good or bad if we choose to judge them, failures.

Life is too short to worry about such things.

Part of the illusion we have created collectively is that success and failure, as we have come to define them, matter in any way whatsoever. It is so much a part of our illusion that fear of failing and even fear of success are two of the greatest fears of humans. It is something we careso deeply about, we won't even take on a task or pursue a dream because of how much we do care about the outcome of failure or success.

So many dreams and aspirations have never been attempted because of this soul crushing illusion that we must care about the outcome of our pursuits. Sad indeed!

The greatest difference between the power of intention and caring is that while caring attaches us to illusory outcomes we have accepted as important, intention is detached from any conception of caring.

We choose to act for no other reason than we choose knowing full well that failure and success do not have a place in true reality.

The acting out of will instead of caring releases us from the soul crushing defeat and burnout so many experience.

Again, there are no unsuccessful lives. You cannot fail at life regardless of what you fail to attempt or attempt to fail.

Everything that happens in this life and into eternity is part of a cosmic happening and every bit of it is wondrous and good.

Stop caring and get busy doing!

Enrich life by knowing your acts of intention!

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