Where Does One Look for the Meaning of Life?

Humans the world over and throughout history have searched for the meaning of life. The search for this meaning drives all of us at one or another.

Sometimes we look to the heavens and wonder if there are others, like us, out there.

Why are we so distant and isolated from them?

What possible meaning can there be in life when our place in the universe seems so small and insignificant?

Did we just happen?

Trying to find answers to these and other questions is daunting and often we leave this plane of existence unsatisified that we never found purpose or meaning to our existence.

Intuition is the awareness of gods and within that awareness is the voice we can all hear if we choose to find that part of us within. Most of us search for our purpose in life because a veil of deception has been drawn over the part of us that is God, the part of us that perceives all things.

We have been taught throughout a lifetime to view the world in a particular way. Our true identity has been masked over by what our human awareness accepts. We literally loose ourselves, who we truly are, to the human aspect of our journey. In so doing, the God within calls out constantly for us to get back to the divine.

The cause of this seach is to find purpose for our lives in the imbalance between what we perceive as humans and what we are as gods in an eternal existence.

So what is our purpose here and how do we find it?

In truth, the meaning of life is whatever we say it is. Gods create life. They do not look for life. It is the human part of our existence that craves this knowing. Yet within us all is the knowing.

Find God and you will find what it is the human part of us seeks. Find God, your own God, and the meaning you seek will fall away into an infinite sea of existence.

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