The Illusion of
Three Dimensional Abundance

By Carl Bozeman

The western idea of abundance generally accepts the theory that more is better. We are conditioned to chase after greater three dimensional wealth while at our core, we possess more creative power than we can possibly imagine.

Modern western culture seeks abundance which can generally be described as more. We are so in-grained by the idea that we must pursue greater wealth, more possessions, higher levels of education, more significant credentials as defined by society, and any number of other things that society deems necessary and important for achieving success in life.

We have created a civilization that never ceases its insatiable craving for more, and we label it abundance. We recognize with envy and emulation, those who have achieved greater riches, wealth, fame, accreditation, or whatever else we have determined we must have more of.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Everything about us as physical beings possessed by divine spirit, even gods, is abundant!

Regardless of any height in life we achieve, or depth we sink to, our very nature as divine beings entitles us to abundance we can only begin to conceive.

We are gods and as gods, we are our own unique and creative center of the universe. Nothing is impossible or unachieveable, and yet that magnificance, the majesty of our being, is masked over by an illusion that says all we are capable of is just more what we already see.

Regardless of how we view life and especially our place in it, we already are so much more than we could ever hope to have or achieve.

This three dimensional experience has never been, nor never meant to be, a struggle to have or achieve more. To pursue such things as if it would be a viable path to happiness or fulfillment is simply part of the myth we have created as our illusion of life.

Many of our most successful self-help guru's align with this idea that more will make you happy, or give you the freedom to do things you wouldn't otherwise be able to do, as if the things we can or cannot do could possibly be a measure of freedom or success!

There are no unsuccessful lives.

We, by our very nature, are magnificant and full beyond anything or anyone in this life - past, present or future. Nothing anyone does or does not do can be defined as successful or unsuccessful.

Nothing we have determined to be successful in our reality can compare to our magnificant divine nature. Regardless of the place you find yourself in this life, it will never have a bearing on who or what you are in eternity.

The craziness of our civilization to define anything we as humans do is nothing less than laughable in light of the state of abundance we came to earth with, and which we will return to when our sojourn is through.

Turn away from the three dimensional illusion to have more, and accept that you already are greater than any of the more you think you must achieve.

Abundance in life is not a pursuit!

It is a given!

What Are Your Thoughts on Abundance?

Do you see abundance as a way to freedom?

Do you feel abundant?

How does society's definition of abundance differ from yours?

What are your thoughts on the formula "abundance = material wealth"?

Tell us your thoughts!

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