Spiritual Quest

Finding Purpose or Finding Self?

The spiritual quest is not a journey everyone will, or wants to, take in this life. For many, however, the reality of who we are is a haunting one that drives us to discover our place in the universe.

We are almost lost in information, science, and discovery that looks to the infinitely large or infinitely small, in search of the so-called "theory of everything".

Meanwhile, something within us knows that we are so much more than the human identity we have developed.

Who or what is it that haunts not only our thoughts but our very essence?

No human mind will ever be able to answer such questions, for it is the mind that creates the identity that mingles with other human identities.

It is almost as if we must form an identity outside of what we truly are in order to have "membership" in the human experience.

This mind-created identity masks our true and divine selves which starves that part of us that came here for this uniquely human experience.

For most, the spiritual quest they embark on leads to mind-based institutions such as religious organizations, while for others, they find individuals, gurus, from whom they seek to nourish their starving souls. They are always searching outward or looking to others to find answers no mind can resolve or comprehend.

The true spiritual quest is never about finding an outside source, whether it be a religious path, individual guru path, etc.

It is always about finding an inner awareness that re-connects us to the divine being that dwells within the human frame.

The religious path, guru, or spiritual guide can aid in that re-connection, but each quest is as unique and wonderful as each individual on this planet is unique and wonderful.

Your experience will always be uniquely your experience and upon the discovery of that uniquely divine being that you are, nothing in your experience will ever be the same.

May your quest be an adventure!

May your spirit soar in the brilliant light of awareness.

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