Are You There Yet?

By Carl Bozeman

Happiness should be our most natural state, since our only purpose in life is to embrace every aspect of life and live as fully as we possibly can.

Unfortunately, many experience life as individuals being pushed and pulled by the whims of outside forces over which they have no control. Often they do not, but the divine nature we all possess is the part of us that gets masked over in the illusory three dimensional world we are experiencing. Consequently, we see everything through that three dimensional awareness and we connect to events and circumstances in such a way that we label them good or bad.

It is the idea of duality, again, that makes us look at life in this way. When we have the proposition before us to judge something in such a way, we do and coupled with the judgment are the emotional feelings we have learned to associate with them.

If something is defined as bad, we become sad, or angry or any number of other feelings associated with negative judgments. It is the opposite when we judge an event as good.

Emotions are the body's and mind's associations with the various judgments we continuously make about the events and happenings in our lives.

Emotions and Judgement

It is extremely difficult to accept the idea that we should feel delight and elation about everything we experience in life and perhaps we shouldn't. After all, we as human beings feel things and react to circumstances according to how we have associated mind/body reactions to emotional states.

While it may be difficult to always break from emotional states, our ultimate objective should be to overcome the incessant need to judge events and circumstances occurring in life.

That need to judge is what puts us in the place of attachment to such circumstances and events. Identity and attachment makes things that don't really matter, in infinite existence, matter.

The less important things become to us, the less emotional we become. The less emotional we are, the more grounded we become and our awareness broadens to a knowing that everything in life is so rich and abundant and every bit of it is for our joy, pleasure and well-being.

From Wondrous

Ultimately, happiness comes from a state of being that has accepted that every aspect of life is wondrous beyond all earthly comprehension. It should not be an emotional state, but a by-product of the exhilaration we feel each moment of life.

If we could step outside our three dimensional selves and view the world as gods and comprehend what is really important, we would constantly be roaring with laughter at the puny, insignificant acts of humans - acts that, viewed three dimensionally, do seem of profound importance.

Be Happy!

Jesus reminded us to "render unto Caesar what is Caesar's" and to "be in the world, but not of it". Both are his way of saying that while we are here in three dimensional life, it is not impossible to see the folly we have come to think is so important.

It is difficult to not have a part of ourselves in the world of three dimensional human affairs. But we should strive to have as little as we can in it. The further we get away from the folly of three dimensional existence, the more humorous life will become.

People will ask why you laugh so much, and you can simply tell them that you are happy!

Let this not come from emotional states you choose because you judge. Let it come because you look at what is truly wondrous in life and your soul fills with breathlessness and awe. Therein lies a happiness that is incomprehensible in our three dimensional form.

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