Is Your
Final Destination
Ultimate Destiny?

By Carl Bozeman

Three dimensional life has convinced us that we have a destiny, the knowing of which must be pursued throughout our lives. The search leads to two inevitable conclusions....

First, most of us believe at one point in our lives, typically as young adults, that we are destined to accomplish or fulfill something few of us really know. We do, however, seem to hear life calling us to some act, career, or deed that changes the world, as it is sometimes referred to.

With the energy and zeal of youth, new ideas and freshness, we charge forward into whatever area of life we are predisposed to go or we simply stumble into a path we never intended. Typically, the path we embark upon is our career and as we plunge deeper and deeper into it, the light of freshness and creativity grows dimmer and dimmer.

At this point, for many, that which was once thought of as being destined in a glorious and purposeful way turns into the second form...

The second form is what we feel when the light of the first form goes out. Things didn't work out as planned and now we lament that our destiny is the fated existence we currently live.

We might hear people say things like, "I was destined to be poor or unhealthy or to live in this town or that". Others may say, "life has beaten me down", or "I was never meant to be great".

It is true that life pushes us around, but only because we have fallen into the trap that we have a grandiose purpose in life that benefits others in a grandiose way.

If everyone accomplished a grand purpose that benefitted everyone else, it would only be normal then.

What is your destiny then?

You don't have one!

Destiny is solely what you will experience in life, all of which will make up the totality of your life. All of which is abundant and wonderful!

We hear many self-help leaders say things like "you were born to be great" or "you are destined to be great". None of it is true as you are already great!

You always were great and you always will be!

Life demands or requires nothing from us other than to know who we are. When we discover that, nothing else matters because everything we do is nothing more than a small part of what makes this life experience what it is.

Destiny implies a future that does not exist or a past that failed to measure up to expectations.

Think creation rather than destination...

When we look back on those youthful days when everything seemed possible, the future was not clear or certain, but we saw through that uncertainty with a clarity that drove us and exhilarated us!

That is what we need to get back to, but on a here and now basis. Each and every present moment is rich with power and creativity to take on anything we desire or even once desired. Anything is possible in an infinite existence.

You are the sole/soul creator of everything that occurs in your existence and your so-called destiny is whatever you want it to be. Few of us comprehend that we can change everything in an instant. We possess such power!

Right now, at this very moment, we have the power to create anything we want in this life!

Do not choose to be destined... Choose to Be!!

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