Journey to the
Center of Purpose

By Carl Bozeman

Is life a journey? Or is it something else? Sometimes we are so taken with it that we forget how to enjoy it.

Much of life any more is considered an expedition with tales of ups and downs, sorrows and happiness, along the way. We look at our lives as if it were a long trek, not unlike that of Odysseus, whose epic voyage was besought with incredible achievement, wonderful joy, stark loneliness and even tragedy.

We almost all look at life as an odyssey and are careful not to ever concede that a destination is in sight because somehow there never is a "getting there"!

We all seek to go home but are unable to describe what home is.

Our walk through life is mysterious and fun, but also filled with terror and emptiness, and yet we press on, looking ever outward to a horizon that never seems to appear.

Who are we that we should be on such an unexpected trip?

Will we ever find our way home?

We seek home as if it were a remembrance of something deep and distant from which we left that beckons us from some inner place we just can't seem to locate.

We all feel the loneliness occasionally, of a place long forgotten but somehow present or at least close by. We want to go there, to find it, but our vision of what we were then is blurred by the journey we call life. It just seems to get further and further away.

We have compelled ourselves ever onward, as if a destination exists, a place we must go, a service we must perform. The voice calls each of us in its own way and we press on.

Life is not a journey. It is a happening. It is a wonderful, exhilarating happening that should be embraced completely without fear of any kind and when we reach the end of life here on earth, it continues on.

There is no place we must go or no thing we must do. It is all here for the richness of experiencing as much of it as we can. Going to or coming fromhas no place in eternity!

Everything about us happens and we can breathe it in or we can judge it. Either way, it is all still one big happening!

Find the inner God you are and you are alone no more. Everything will open up to you and light will flood your senses.

Your only journey in life should be an inner one that discovers the I Am of your existence and which can open you to an abundance of fulfillment, joy and peace.

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