Chop Wood Carry Water

by erica

I Am Enlightened! Yeah!! So is that arrogant? I say no. Waiting to be Enlightened is an empty statement. It's meaningless. It is a barren, empty statement and state that gets you nowhere, least of all Enlightenment. Waiting is all it "does." We imagine Enlightenment as potential or perhaps inevitable much like a child becomes an adult, when in truth, Human beings = Enlightened. Yeah!! :-) I Am Enlightened, dude, as are You. Loving it. Big Smile, E

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Jul 03, 2012
Yes You Are
by: Carl


Yes, you are and so are we all. English is a "linear" language that is clunky and ineffective at describing pretty much anything. There are attempts to create metaphors but stringing multi-meaning words together just won't do it.

Enlightenment has become one of those (what I call) "big" words that ultimately does not even get close to describing what the heck enlightenment is (I know, I know - circular argument which makes no sense). Bottom line: We are gods. We do not work "up" to be gods. We come "down" to be humans. In other words we are all enlightened as you say. Arrogant??? Statement of truth. No arrogance at all.

Keep loving it Erica. I am too. Always nice hearing from you!


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