by AJ
(Bradenton, Florida, USA)

I'm amazed by this site!

I love being spiritual, I love feeling the love to myself, a very deep, but simple love. A love without barriers, without chains, without prejudism, without intolerance, a very innocent love!

I wish I could live this way 24/7, but I have responsibilities, I have a family to feed, I have a mortgage to pay, a car loan to fulfill! If I'm not more human in my business, I feel I would have a hard time meeting my life standards.

You could say, why don't you lower your life standards? Because I've always wanted certain things in life, plus I love the challenges my business gives me and the benefits of it!

I would love to find that perfect balance where the spiritual world meets the real world and there is still a perfect harmony! I hope one day I can find it!


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May 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

Hello Carl,
My gratitude towards you and sending me a personalized and valuable message is great!

I would like to tell you a bit more about myself because I am a firm believer that you and I are very similar in many ways. I, just like you did, had an awful childhood. I was hurt badly at the age of 5 and since then, I had to survive in a big jungle with wild and dangerous animals without the weapons and skills that they had. I had to be able to train myself and give myself any type of weapon I needed to survive in this world, time after time.

I’m a grown man now and much stronger and wiser than when I was kid, but until a year ago, I had been carrying these scars for years and every time these wounds would open, I had to deal with heavy burdens and I didn’t know how to deal with them.

This last year has been a phenomenal year of transformation! I owe so much to myself for having the courage to confront these fears, but thanks to my higher self and the higher world, I have been able to heal the inner child within myself greatly!

I have found my own spiritual world, which I love and admire so much. This wonderful love and admiration that I have been wanting to have for myself since I was a little child. I will keep learning and growing about how amazing this higher world is and all the benefits I can achieve with so much believe within my soul!

Please, keep in touch with me. I’d love to be your friend in the higher world. And who knows, maybe you can benefit from me one day too!


May 15, 2012
Spiritual First (Part 2)
by: Carl

Continued from part 1:

You indicate that you love what your “business” provides, e.g. “challenges and benefits.” You are most fortunate. Most of those who search for more spiritual significance in their lives address the spiritual with a physical response. What I mean by that is that the common thing to respond with is exactly the question you use: “You could say, why don't you lower your life standards?” Lowering life standards is how most Christians interpret Jesus’ comment to the “rich” man who came to him and asked how he could become more like Jesus. The response of Jesus was to sell all that he had, give it to the poor and come follow him (Jesus).

Like you, the rich man did not want to give up what he had because he misunderstood what Jesus was trying to say. Most “humans” believe that we must provide for the “physical” aspects of our lives before we can experience the spiritual, but that is not the case. The admonition to “sell everything” was a directive to stop holding onto that what you have in the physical world and turn your focus to the spiritual and in so doing, the physical will take care of itself. In other words, most of us “think” physical needs first followed by spiritual needs, when what we should be doing is exactly the opposite. Think spiritual first and always, and the physical will fall into place without a lot of thought or effort. A wise woman has said: “that it's all much more simpler than it seems or that we make it out to be.”

AJ, Let yourself “be” the spiritual individual (god) that you already are all the time and never thing of “switching” between the physical and/or the spiritual. Your spirit will always detect spiritual things in every single situation or circumstance you find yourself in regardless of how you judge it (good, bad, etc.).

Being connected to your spiritual nature will always pull the physical with it. That is its beauty. The focus on the physical pulling the spiritual along with it will never work. Physical things have no power. You are not your physical body nor is anything you do or accomplish “physically” in your human experience important. You are an infinite being (god) and your significance is entirely based on the “knowing” that nothing in the human experience matters to the divine being who is here for no other reason then to vacation on Earth as a “human.”

All my best and again, thank you.


May 15, 2012
Spiritual First (Part 1)
by: Carl

First let me thank you for sharing your thoughts on the site. I'm so glad you like it and that you find the information useful. My response will be in two parts.

Yours is the proverbial dilemma we all face in this "human" experience, but let me just say that all of it is "spiritual." You are a "spiritual" being and what you "think" you are is human (or not spiritual). Most of us forget that and in so doing we become victims in our own unique game of "who's who."
There are no pat answers to this dilemma because most of our "human experience" is an illusion based on what we have been taught our "standards" of existence should be rather than finding congruence between the "what we really are" and "who we 'think' we are." Thinking is always "human" or as others might call it "ego." It requires no “balancing” to always maintain an awareness of the spiritual being (god) that you are. For most of us it requires discovery and that is where many find the dilemma of “balancing” an important aspect of their experience. On one hand we want time for the human things in our lives (responsibilities as you call them) and on the other we want time to make the discovery of who we really are.

In truth, an awareness of our true (spiritual) self can never be switched on or off. Once you’ve re-discovered your divine nature you will never be able to switch between one or the other. It will always be there regardless of what “human” experience you are having. The biggest issue I see in finding the divine self is the incongruence of the spiritual identity and the human identity. In other words the things we do as humans that fight against what we are as gods. This is likely the cause of every major problem humans have ever faced through the course of time. What it boils down to is asking a very simple question and answering honestly. For most of us, we can get very specific and focus almost solely on a singular aspect of our lives, e.g. our job or our career. The question: Do I like (love) what I’m doing? If your answer is “no” (for most people it is) then you are incongruent with your spiritual nature regardless of “standards” you believe you must maintain and in truth you are literally “killing” yourself physically (can’t kill the spirit).

May 14, 2012
Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
by: AJ

Erica, bonita, I'm grateful to have gotten a very positive response from you. It sounds like we are both searching for that perfect wave, that perfect balance that will allow us to trust our intuition at all times!

I'd love to keep in touch with you and be able to witness each other as friends, on our journeys to that wonderful place!

Pura Vida!


May 11, 2012
On Your Mark, Get Ready...
by: erica

AJ, my peeps! I know exactly where you're coming from. They seem like two seperate worlds, am I right? Still, I don't believe in my heart of hearts they are. There has to be that balance you speak of.

I believe with regard to spirit or oneness or the thing we seek which seeks us, that it's all much more simpler than it seems or that we make it out to be. It doesn't stand to reason to me that it should be difficult. That's my thought process anyway although I cannot fully express my feelings about it.

OK, then there's the undeniable human perspective with the wants and the likes and responsibilities and stuff. I imagine we'll all look back some day and wonder, "Dang! Was that it? Just that little shift would have saved me all that time and angst?" But wow, what an adventure, right?

Big Smile, E

p.s. Oh and you'll find it. Me too. Meet you there ;)

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