Gratitude, Attitude, or Platitudes - How Do You Treat Life?

By Carl Bozeman

Having gratitude for every aspect of your life is likely the best way to live in this physical experience. After all, we created it!

Gratitude should be our natural state in this three dimensional life, simply because our being here on earth, in these physical bodies, is of our own creation.

That's right! We created our own existence and no matter what we experience in this life, we made it so!

Gods create and so do we but, then again, we are gods also!

Even if we are unable to wrap our minds around the idea that we are the creators of our own existence, there is so much to be grateful for if no other reason than we were born.

Appreciation for life, no matter how grey or dismal we think it might be, is such a small price to pay for something so incredible. If that is not possible, find something for which we can give thanks for, no matter how small or insignificant.

Make a list, but remind yourself often for all that you are grateful. Ultimately, you will be able to expand a grateful soul to so much more and, as you do, your eyes will open more and more.

Be grateful to yourself, even if you cannot accept that you are divine. A grateful self is a humble self. A humble self looks at all of life with amazement and awe.

Life will begin to breathe you as you breathe it, and ultimately the divine will emerge. You will begin to comprehend the power within you, the very power upon which the universe was formed. It is all you! Gratitude is your ticket in!

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