Expect The Absolute Best

by erica

My mom gets stressed out and expects pain. It never fails her. With the dawn it arrives first thing. Stress, not to be outdone rears it heavy head during the day. I'm not down playing her pain. It's true for her. Still, doesn't pain, much like worry, go where it's expected? Ouch! My knee just cracked. Bummer. I so don't have this thing figured out. Something tells me I'm just right of center though. Wish me luck :) I'm not aware of all i know but i think I'm close. Hope for the best. Expect the best. And be your brother's keeper. ;) ;)

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Aug 15, 2011
You're already the best!
by: Carl Bozeman

Thanks for sharing. Pain, worry, stress are ?states of mind? which only exist on the physical plane. YOU are none of these things yet here you are. The great paradox in life is becoming aware of your divine nature and recognizing that it has nothing to do with anything physical. You are not your body. We experience the physical only as divine observers.

No need for ?hope,? ?expectation? or ?being your brother?s keeper.? Just be YOU. All the rest will take care of itself; brothers and all. You are already greater then you know and none of it has anything to do with your body or mind. Our lives are not about ?becoming.? They are instead about ?being.? Simply, ?be? the life that you are. Pretty cool. I think you?re doing just fine!!


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