Does It Serve You or Sever You?

By Carl Bozeman

Faith has come to mean, over time, the rigid adherence to a religious belief in the hope of vindication and reward for a life dedicated to such an idea. It is anything but....

It is the basic element in human nature that causes us to continually search for God, higher awareness or whatever it is we choose to call it. It is the motive and force that makes us believe that there is more to life than that which we see.

It is the connection from deep within to the God we seek.

In most cases, that search leads us to outward sources and authorities who, while believing fully what they teach, search themselves for this greatest of all mysteries.

Faith has become a collective folly as attested by so many institutions who claim to know the one right path but ask, all the same, to blindly follow, and live by this trust in the hope that their own beliefs are indeed the one way.

It is not a tool of the collective mind since the collective mind becomes restrictive and dogmatic, which ultimately leads to blindness toward anything that falls outside the institutionally accepted belief system.

This is where institutional faith fails, however, individually it never does.

The Apostle Paul in the New Testament referred to faith as "the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."

What is the substance of things hoped for?

Outside of physical desires that we "hope" for, our greatest desire, therefore hope, is to know where we come from, who we really are, and where we are going.

This hope drives us to find these answers but any search that takes us to an institution is a faulty search.

The only "evidence of things not seen" will come from within.

Deep inner knowing that you are God is the outcome of any faith-based search and in finding that you are the creator of all the mansions you will dwell in will be the ultimate evidence of your true existence.

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