Law of Attraction

By Carl Bozeman

The so-called Law of Attraction is an egoic law as are all laws. For some reason, humans have been conditioned to believe that there must be active laws in the universe to which we are bound.

It is an aspect of our conditioning to put boundaries around the creative and infinite nature of our existence.

There are no laws in infinite existence.

As divine beings, gods, we are above all laws including the Law of Attraction.

Law of Attraction has become the egoic device that legitimizes our insatiable appetite to want and to have, typically, what others have, or to get bigger versions of what we already have.

We call it law, even though for most it does not work, which has become a new genre for self-help gurus who want to show us why it doesn't work.

It is widely believed that we attract into our experience that which we "think" about. What really happens is that our experience unfolds because of who we have been conditioned to be.

This is why the act of simply "thinking" about something better does not work. You cannot alter what you experience by consciously or unconsciously thinking about something else. You must alter your condition and all the illusions you have come to accept about yourself and the world at large.

This is not an easy thing to do, because we, as humans, from the moment of our birth, are told how we need to view this new life we have entered into. Most of it is all lies that we come to accept over time.

It is those lies that manifest in our lives as if to confirm, over and over, what we have been taught is truth.

Additionally, the divine being that enters this physical body at the time of our birth gets completely overridden by the conditioning we undergo.

This causes conflict between the incongruency of what we came to earth as and what, in fact, we are conditioned to be as humans.

There really is no Law of Attraction and a universe that conspires to give us what we want.

Wanting is uncharacteristic of our divinity. The character of gods is to create. To create is to give.

The ego asks "let there be light so I may see" while the divine part of us says "let there by light so all may see".

Attraction or Creation?

Having and getting versus giving.

We are creators first and until we fully realize our divine natures, we will continue to devise "laws" to regulate how things work in an infinite existence.

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