Everything is Energy!

By Carl Bozeman

Everything we see, don't see, think or imagine is energy.

When we look out at the vast expanse of the earth we live on and beyond to the stars, solar system and the universe, we are often caught up in the wonder at how small and insignificant we are. The universe is immense and virtually incomprehensible. And yet it is only in the mind that such immensity and aloneness is constructed.

The truth is that we are not disconnected from anything in this universe and, in fact, we are made up of the same stuff as anything we see or don't see.

The only difference between ourselves, what we see and what we don't see is the rate of vibration energy moves.

There is not a single difference between inanimate or animate except for the speed at which things vibrate. As humans, we are constructed of the same things we observe in our existence. Our bodies are uniquely designed to sense vibratory energy that comes into our minds as sight, sound, touch, smell and taste.

Every sensation our bodies experience is a vibratory sensation. All the things our bodies are aware of through the senses come through in vibratory form. It is the same for every living creature in existence.

Every living thing is tuned to a certain vibratory input. This is how bats seein the dark (actually they don't see, they hear), dogs and bears can smell what humans cannot, etc., etc.

Each is a highly tuned instrument that detects varying frequencies of light, sound, odor, pressure, taste. But each unique and sensitive in their own way.

Thoughts are Energy Too!

We are completely surrounded by energetic matter. You cannot escape this, even in the vacuum of space. This is the soup of existence from which everything is formed and perceived.

Our spirit is energy and while we often do not think of spirit as matter, it is. Spirit is highly refined matter that simply vibrates at a rate unlike our senses are able to perceive.

Our spirit, however, is able to detect the vibration of other spirits. It is only that the human senses, which are so strong, overpower the subtle ability of our spirit to detect other spirits, and other energies.

As we discover our own inner uniqueness, that is find the God within, we begin to discover that everything is perceived through vibratory awareness.

What happens is that as we peel away the layers of ego identity we take on through our lives, our ability to sense a wider range of vibration increases.

This is the beginning of spiritual awareness. Spiritual awareness recognizes the uniqueness but sameness in everything and never sees anything greater than or less than.

All form is one form.

Man was not made out of the dust of the earth. He was made out of the dust of the universe, just like everything else we see or don't see.

This is spiritual knowing.

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