Inner Guidance

Who Are You Tuned Into?

By Carl Bozeman

So what is inner guidance?

Our internal control, the place where all inner guidance comes from, is intuition. Some may refer to it as spiritual intuition. But whatever we call it, it is something deep and powerful that resides within each of us.

Intuition, by the way, is not a gift. It is something we all possess as gods. However, for most of us it has been masked over by our physical awareness which includes all the various emotional states we feel.

It might be referred to as the still, small voice but it is never connnected to an emotional state. Intuition is the sure voice, the voice of authority, the voice of God. It comes with such power and knowing that no part of our physical reality is left with any doubt.

Intuition is the awareness of energy that, when we or anything is broken down to its energetic form, everything becomes one and the same.

Everything is energy!

In my book, On Being God - Beyond Your Life's Purpose, I talk about "energy lives, and that which lives, speaks and that which speaks, communicates. Energy has language. It is the language of vibration and we all vibrate to the dialogue contained within our current vibrating form, whether it be human, animal, water, mineral, etc."

"Vibration is the language of energy..."

Intuition hears, speaks, and comprehends the language of vibration. It is the highest form of awareness and it is the command center of every single human. We just don't use it like we could because we are so thoroughly caught up in the vibration of the physical life we have created.

Intuition is the awareness of gods, and we are gods.

What is true inner guidance?

Again to quote from my book On Being God, "It is the hearing that comes from not hearing with our ears or the seeing that comes from not seeing with our eyes. It is knowing at a deeper level of understanding, avibrational level, rather than the human sensory level. It is the unfiltered communication of the infinite that hears no other voice."

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