You are Creative Power

You are the Center of the Universe!

By Carl Bozeman

In the infinite scheme of things, creative power is the energy source of the universe. The creative center of the universe exists within each of us individually, but unites us all as well.

Counter to the Law of Attraction, we create everything in the purview of our state of awareness, rather then attract it. This is the power of gods and each of us is a god.

The idea of God that man has created, that of some all powerful being out in the heavens, has detracted from any conception that, outside of some great being we cannot be like, we are always lower than something.

It is for this reason that ideas such as the Law of Attraction are invented to give us hope that some power or being outside of us will still conspire to provide us with wonderful things if we but ask for it with feeling and enthusiasm.

We have been conditioned well because very few of us ever accept that we create our existence and we can actively create or we can wish for some other power that does not exist outside of us to give it to us. This is the basis of difference between the mind created identity (ego self) and the spirit or God self that we all are.

The ego wants what it does not have, while gods create for the benefit of everyone. We have need of nothing, spiritually speaking, because at that level of awareness, no thing is any more incredible than any thing else.

Law of Attraction plays to the human, egoic side of our existence and asks us to want and by wanting with enough force and emotion, it moves towards us.

Creative power understands we already are greater than anything or anyone we could possibly want to be.

Gods, and we are gods, have no needs. They are unattached to anything they could possibly be identified with, and therefore, do not want.

Want to bridge the gap between Law of Attraction and creative power?

Ask how your wanting helps others know the inner self that is God, the creative center of the universe.

As hard as humans have tried, we cannot create an accurate image of God through the mind.

We must simply let go of all mind made constructs. The divine will show him or her self, and it won't look anything like what our finite minds have conceived.

It is there that the power to create resides.

Stop asking and wanting... Start creating and giving!

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