Meditation -
The New Medication!

By Carl Bozeman

Meditation is a gateway into the inner discovery of you... the I Am within. It is the way toawareness of your highest creative self.

This practice is relatively new to western culture, but it has been around for centuries and practiced widely in many eastern cultures.

Many in the west still think of practicing the meditative arts as altering your state of mind (going into a trance-like state), such that you are able to lie on a bed of nails, walk on fire, or stick pins through your flesh and other such hair-raising feats. For others, it is thought of as achieving deeply related physical and mental states that cause tension and stress to dissipate, blood pressures to drop, heart rates to slow, and other anatomical changes that are good for the physical being.

While all of these things might fall into various aspects of meditation, ultimately it should be thought of as a gateway to enlightenment and spiritual awareness.

Why a gateway to enlightenment and spiritual awareness?

We must come to understand that everything that our minds can conceive of has already been created. It exists already and is waiting for us to manifest in our reality. For most of us, however, we rarely conceive of anything outside of our current level of knowing.

In other words, most of us only ask for bigger and better versions of what we already have. For example, I have a small house or maybe an apartment and desire a bigger house or a bigger, nicer living space. Now many may be asking, "What has any of this got to do with me having a meditative experience?"

The answer is that a meditative experience is the vehicle that lets us escape what is and enter a realm of what isn't. It is going from the illusion of our currently accepted reality to a place where any reality is unimportant.

In finding that place, we enter a state where all things, known or unknown, become real.

It might be thought of as a state of un-being where all attachments to the world we live in, everything we consider to be important, washes away into infinity and suddenly we are filled with new knowing about ourselves and our place in an infinite existence.

Meditation can take us to an awareness outside the consciousness of the mind and into the awareness of gods. In other words, it can lead us individually to the ultimate knowing that the divine not only dwells with us, but that it is us!

Turning off the chattering mind, accepting the conditioned illusion of our three dimensional life, becoming aware of the divine nature of the self should all be the benefits of a good meditative practice.

My Meditation Techniques

Check out this book - Under The Oak -Musings and Meditations.

How Do You Achieve the Quiet Mind?

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What experiences and challenges have you had trying to enter a quiet meditative state?

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