by AC

I am on a really bad road right now. I was praying and feeling as though I was receiving guidance. I had a good life. I took a christian class (group of women) and everything went downhill immediately. Separation from family by divorce (still not final). It almost appears that someone, I like to call a selfish greedy evil person, intentionally hurt my family.

I want to get back on the right path, inner peace, high intuition, heart with gratitude setting and meeting my goals, good job etc.

I believe that something positive will come from this bad experience, not only for myself but for other people who have had to deal with the similar situations.

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Oct 02, 2011
The Belief In Enemies
by: Anonymous

It may surprise us who God's teachers are. Some are self evident. J.C.,C.B., Sidharta, Mother Teresa-- them the ones we like. Others, for lack of a better word, are notorious in the not so enjoyable way. In my humble opinion, they are the same. I mean don't you think it concievable that J.C. and Judas cooked up that whole kiss of death thing? (In a previous incarnation of course) But i digress. You are strong, girl. Believe that. And no one is strong who has an enemy. Easy is for the faint of heart. The answer is God. Remind me what the question was again. Peace and Love to you. Smile, erica

Oct 01, 2011
Even "Bad Roads" are good!
by: Carl Bozeman

Dear AC,

I?m so sorry to hear about the break-up of your family and the, supposed, ?Bad road? you feel you are now on. In a way you resolve your own concerns in the statement: ?I Believe something positive will come from this bad experience.? In truth, AC, there is no ?bad.? All is good, although, at times we don?t see things in such a way while we are going through the various experiences of life ?we? create and participate in.
Additionally, there is no ?getting back? to a ?right? path as there is no way you can ?fail? at life. Consider that the ?person? you identify as ?selfish, greedy, evil? does not have the awareness that what she (I?m assuming she) is doing impacts you or anyone else in your family. I know it is hard to get into this kind of a space, since our emotions make up such a huge part of our experience, but in reality nothing in this life or any other can really ?hurt? the ?divine YOU? that you are. You are greater than anything this three dimensional life can throw at you but as long as you let yourself get caught up in the events at hand in such a way that you make judgments about ?others? or the ?events? themselves you will always feel hurt and pain and the door to those ?positive? experiences you look forward to will be a long time coming. Contrary to what we are taught no one or no thing can ?break the heart.? Surely, many people we come in contact with throughout life will ?break? our rules but all we need to do in these cases is assess the validity of our rules. The god that you are cannot be broken in any way. Make ?YOUR? experience about being aware of who you are and in so doing you will look at life and all experience as a rich blessing and opportunity for new doors to be opened and new horizons to be explored. Life is too short to concern ourselves with any form of judgments that pull us into a space where we look at others with scorn, anger or any other emotional expression.

I know you?re hurting, AC, but I also know that you are so far beyond any power in this life to wreak havoc that one day you will look back at this and everything else for that matter and smile at the simple beauty that is life experience in all its various forms. You are not going to be better someday. You already are perfect and you simply cannot improve on perfection. My best to you AC in these troublesome but wondrous times. Find your inner self and there you will know your own divine nature and there, also, you will find peace, joy and happiness that can never be taking from you. All my best,


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