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spiritual guideSearching for our spiritual nature has created a cottage industry of spiritual guides, guru's and teachers. These have sprung up from literally all walks of life. It is indicative of the times we live in and the shifting of human awareness to something beyond our crrent reality.

We are part of a new awakening that is making us look inward for meaning and depth to our existence.

Is it any wonder that so many are being called forth to inspire, enlighten and lift up those who search for their own unique and inner identity?

Should we look for spiritual guides?

Seeking for and having someone in your life to assist you in your spiritual growth is a good thing as long as he, she or it does not become an object of your worship. This is difficult not to do because of a state of conditioning that tells us we need saving from our lowly states.

The very idea of God and man implies that we, as man, can never be as great as God. This puts us in the automatic state of being inferior to a supreme being that we have accepted as our own reality.

This state of inferiority puts us in the mindset that when we observe someone in the human family whom we believe is superior to us, we pledge our allegience to them in a worshipful way.

People have a tendency to be easily led by those they perceive to be better than them.

We must always be mindful of this as we seek wisdom, advice or counseling from such teachers. The most wise will never claim to know exactly how you need to resolve your spiritual issues.

Remember that hows are the domain of the universe, and that no two hows are ever the same. No one can tell you exactly what you need, or need to do.

If your spiritual guide - whether it be a fellow human or another from some other realm - is ever definitive about what you need, be wary.

A good one will never tell you "this is the only way". Instead, they will use pointers that direct you to look inwardly at yourself. They will help you slice through noise and identity and help guide you to a place of quiet where you re-discover the divine within you.

You are a god who has become human. No one will ever be able to convince you of that. Only you can come to a place within that lets you see your divine self.

A spiritual guide can help you find that place and as soon as you find it, your guide will step away. Once you find that place, the god within will take over.

All knowing will pour forth at that time, and you will be stronger than the angels.

Spirituality is not a human thing. Rather, it is the part of us that is not human.

Trust your knowing.

Spiritual Coaching

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