Searching for Answers

by Prithie
(Melbourne, Australia)

I lost the man of my dreams due to certain circumstances and the hardest part was our love for each other still remains. I just couldn't understand how such a strong bond could be broken especially if love is the highest form in the universe.
I started feeling lost and searching for answers, trying to find out what my purpose in life was and why I am here.
I kept on asking myself who am and finally discovered a website called Life and that was a complete eye opener for me.
It made me realise and understand that we only meet people in our lives to learn from each other and my chapter with him is over. I also can see know how we have forgotten humility and have become so selfish.
Right now I want to learn more about me, life and I continue searching for answers.....
I feel I have awakened spiritually and this is so amazing, rewarding and fulfilling. I am so excited to see what life will unfold before my eyes....

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Mar 17, 2016
by: Carl

Hello Prithie,

Thank you so much for sharing and my deepest condolences at the loss of your soulmate. I’m glad you have been able to find resources to help you as you try to "understand" all that is happening and what our place is in the vastness of eternity. One thing I will say is that life is a mystery and understanding it will never be the purpose for our being here. It simply is, and outside our thoughts of it, the mind of man will never comprehend it. But that’s okay because that’s exactly how mystery is supposed to be. We’re not here to do anything else other than to live every aspect of the "mystery" we possibly can and then from there, who knows?

I hear what you are saying about learning more about you, but I’m pretty sure that you already do know more than you think and having said "think", therein is the problem for most of us. We think and let our thoughts form ideas and beliefs that actually lower our awareness and get in the way of what we experience each and every second. There are no "universal laws" that bind you to a particular reality and the otherness that possesses your body knows that, but it will not stand in the way of the human having experience. We can, however, quiet our minds, and, in doing so, there is an enormous emergence of awareness that the mind (human) will never comprehend, but doesn’t need to.

As you live, dear Prithie, and watch the unfolding you speak of, please keep in your heart that instead of you "living life", "life lives you". What I am saying is that YOU are the creative center of the universe or YOU are God. Not a piece or part of something greater than you or me, but you and you alone are the creator of all that is. Nothing happens in any realm, thought, or imagination without YOU experiencing it. Ultimately, this kind of refutes the idea that the "chapter" with your soul mate has ended. You, as the creator, never ends; nothing does. Nor do you ever need to learn anything from anyone. This human existence is not school. You are God after all.

I don’t know what anything looks like when we leave this world, but I do know that whatever you "think" you are while here is paltry and puny compared to what you are in the eternities. Your mind will never begin to imagine it and that’s why it’s futile to try. Love life in every way you can and remember that even in life’s grandest unfolding, nothing in all the universe is as grand as you.

My love and best to you always, Prithie.


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