Are You in Sync with
Who You Are?

By Carl Bozeman

The idea of confession is another device that causes us to look outward for inward solutions.

To ask for forgiveness for one's sins, as it were, to someone we consider to have the ability to absolve us is contrary to what Jesus taught us. No one can forgive save God and the only atoning we need do is to Him or Her.

As we are the gods we seek, the creators of our own experiences, then true confession must be directed inward to ourselves.

Asking for forgiveness is owning up to the reality that our condition and our reality is different, distant and out of sync with who we really are.

We are divine beings, gods, having a human experience.

Our only confession should be to the inner knowing god, that in our petty reality, that what we have let ourselves become, is not the divine beings we truly are.

When we recognize the difference between our earthly state and the godthat we are, then we look no more to outside sources to absolve us.

Instead we connect to the true source of power that exists individually within us and with new eyes we look outward only to see how different we are from the rest of those who continue to look outward for solutions to the state they find themselves in.

Confessing one's sins to a priest, friend, doctor or family member is a shallow release compared to looking at ourselves as the identity we have created versus our true divine nature.

Who can absolve God? The question is not meant to imply there is a God out somewhere in the heavens waiting to judge us. It is meant to point each of us to look inwardly to the god that we are.

When we recognize our divine nature, the question becomes more poignant because it is a question that can only be asked of that divine being who dwells within each of us individually.

Maybe the contrast is too great to acknowledge.

In the judgment that is spoken of in the New Testament and by Christians the world over, no one will be looking at us and with pointing finger telling us where we sinned and where we did well.

We, as gods, will look at ourselves in the full light of day and contemplate how we were so easily led away by the pettiness of our three dimensional reality, from the divine nature of our true selves. That is the only day of reckoning there will ever be and it will not cause us to be cast in or out of anywhere.

We will move on unaffected by the experience and no better or worse than we ever were and without suffering any consequences devised by the pettiness of our egoic selves.

In the grand scheme of things, existence will continue without ramifications and our sojourn here on earth will just be one of an infinite number of them we will experience in one form or another.

When you find the god that you are, you will rise above the need to judge others and yourself, and you will find that any idea of sin vanishes.

Life is about experiences regardless of how our reality judges them. There is never a need to second guess anything you do, have done or will do.

Find that inner you that knows all and life will open up in ways you never conceived of before.

In that knowing, the idea of sin, judgment and confession will no longer take form in your experience.

You will simply live!

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