The truth of our being is spiritual or God.

by Reg Johnston

The truth of our being is spiritual or God. Stated another way we are expressions of God occupying this conscious human form. God, I believe, is the almighty fundamental source of everything in existence. There is one mind, one being, one life, whole complete and total within Itself and we are off spring of that one existence. Since God is within that is obviously where we must look. Various methods are used, perhaps the most popular one is meditation but it requires dedicated persistence. If anyone has, or uses other methods I would love to talk.

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Jul 18, 2015
YOU are God
by: Carl

Hi Reg,

Thank you so much for commenting and sharing your view of God and your approach to knowing him/her. I've heard this view before and I think that the appeal of your description, e.g., "expressions of God occupying this human form" is most appealing to many. Especially, those in the "new age" movement per se'.

I like to take the whole "God" thing completely out of the question as it forms a basis for separating us from him/her/it and often creates a subjection to something that always makes us inferior in some way to all the various descriptions we have of God. I say that "we" are Gods and are the creative centers of the universe; not a part of something/someone else.

I don't buy the "we are expressions of God in human form" because it still puts God out there and us here (separation). I prefer, simply, YOU are God or I am God. I do agree that the place to look is inside and that anything that quiets the noise of the chattering mind is the way to know whatever it is that occupies these bodies.

I've found that the awareness of what lies within no longer requires the "dedicated persistence" you mention because I no longer search as I did for what that is. It no longer is important to me but I must add that I have been very fortunate at being in the presence of the "burning bush" to use a metaphor. I used to be so troubled with "what and who God is" but I now know one thing (and only one thing); I am not this body. That's it. I don't know anything else but the release from this knowing is so freeing I am constantly at a loss for words to express it.

Nothing else matters. Something else is always there and it knows all, sees all and create all but it also doesn't interfere with the mysteriousness of the human experience. The human experience for me now could not be more incredible and grand.

I will extend to others as well your query to provide ways to know this innerness you mention.

Again Reg, thank you so much. I truly appreciate your sharing and wish you all the best in all that you do. My love and best always,


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