No Connection?

by Evan
(Canberra, Australia)

I think it is an exaggeration to talk about no connection at all. If there was no connection at all with our current reality, we would have absolutely no way of knowing anything about God (whether within us or any place else).

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Jun 11, 2011
science of mind
by: Anonymous

"Science of Mind" by Ernest Holmes goes into great detail on this subject. You might want to give it a read in addition to Carl's book.

Nov 27, 2009
Connection to Connection
by: Carl


Thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate that you have taken the time to look over some of the information on the website and to have shared your comments.

You are so right that we are connectected to this reality and we should be. After all, our purpose for being here is to enjoy the splendor of this life and everything that comes our way in it. What a wonderful gift it is to have such an opportunity and life is so rich and abundant.

However, when we give over our entire selves to the things occurring, as if they are all that is important in our existence, we tend to lose the joy that life is meant to have. The things we attach to, such as our beliefs, our arguments, our possesions or whatever, tend to bind up a lot of energy keeping and holding these things when, in comparison to our infinite and divine nature, they are of so little importance.

By all means we want connection to this rich, wonderful world but for answers to questions as who we are or what we are will never be found in a search outside ourselves. God is within us and when we discover that vantage point from which to look at everything our view of the world will not only be clearer but our reality will unfold in ways we cannot comprehend when only looking at reality as we have been shown or taught it.

If you have a chance, get a copy of my book "On Being God-Beyond Your Life's Purpose." It may help clarify some of the questions you have but open you to even more. Good Luck!!

Have a great day, Evan, and thank you again.

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