Who And What is God?

by Michael Freeman

God is all living things. God is the manifestation of all positive energy that comes from the universe. God is nature that does not reward nor punish. God is the spiritual motivation to gain knowledge in order to be a servant to all living thing.God is ultimate awareness, God is love.

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Jan 24, 2012
by: erica

God is taking an incredibly long nap (temporal)once awakened I will know that I, A M "He"

Jan 23, 2012
...but "Who are You"
by: Carl

Thank you Michael for sharing your thoughts on "Who and What is God." You forgot the most important aspect of God, however. That is that YOU are God. All by yourself YOU are all of the things you describe here. YOU are the creative center of the universe. There is nothing beside YOU. How cool is that?

Thanks, again for sharing the love. Gods do that! All my best,


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