The One True God

by Carla Johnson
(Knoxville, Tn)

I believe that we all possess God-like attributes and that we all, in a sense, are gods. But there can only be one supreme being and I believe that is what the battle has always been about, who is the greatest god. This may sound vain, but I believe that I possess the greater God, the father, within me. I say this because of my personal experiences. I do believe in the holy trinity, which God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three in one. But also, that we as God's creation, possess these same elements within us, mind, body, and spirit, three in one. I don't try to use this as a means to boast or brag but I allow the God within me to lead and guide me and I acknowledge him as a separate entity as well as a part of my inner self. I have to believe because I have seen for myself!

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Dec 18, 2011
YOU is The One True God
by: Carl


Thank you for sharing your insight. We are taught from a very early age that we can do or be anything we put our minds to and yet that teaching is contradicted in the same breath that we can never be like God. This is really the human (mind) way of making the "God" out there in yonder heavens, really, really big. In a way there is only "one supreme being." That supreme being is the being that dwells within you and only you. You are god and before you there is no other. Same is true for me and everyone else on this planet.

A key teaching of "Jesus" that is overlooked is the "We are gods (Is it not written that Ye are gods?). this is overlooked, or otherwise explained away, because of the difficulty we humans have in accepting that we can, in any way, be as great as the God we have created in our own minds. We are taught this. In Jesus' time it was a capital offense to even mention the name God and yet he claimed that like himself we are all gods. This is why he was put to death.

I am so pleased that you hear the voice of God and that He leads you. We don't have to accept a view that we are gods in order to hear Him. It feels awkward and even blasphemous to think of ourselves as gods when we have been taught so thoroughly that we are not and cannot. In fact, it is this teaching that actually keeps us "separated" from knowing the "divine" within. What is important is that you hear the voice and accept it as guidance for your life. Again, thank you for sharing this important message. It is greatly appreciated and will add to the ongoing conversation. Much love,


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