You are the Creative Center of the Universe

By Carl Bozeman

We often think of the creation as the event that formed the earth - whether it was by the hand of some all powerful God in the heavens or, as science has come to term it, a singularity. Singularity being a point into which all matter was compressed into infinite density to such a degree that all physical laws, as we understand them, break down and explode with such fury and force that the event forged everything in existence as we now know it.

While we cannot know for sure what exactly happened to cause the universe to appear and subsequently our earth, everyone pretty much accepts some idea of the origination of the universe.

What we do know is that everything in existence today was part and still is part of the cosmic juice that condensed and appeared.

In other words, we have always been in some form and we continue to be connected to everything in the universe regardless of how far away it seems to be or how long it would take to get there.

We are of the same stuff as everything else in existence.

Perhaps the least understood aspect of any creation is that we create it. That's right! We bring forth our own existence and everything in it.

We hold within us the power to design any existence we choose. We know that the atom, which was thought to be the smallest and most basic thing in the universe, is actually, to a large degree, empty space. Science has shown that the distance between the cloud of the electrons spinning around the nucleus can be compared to placing a football in the center of our largest sports stadium and measuring the distance from the football to the furthest edge of the stadium. The nucleus of the atom was once thought to be solid, but it's not and may have as much space between the proton and neutron, even though held together by a powerful nuclear force, as between the electron and the nucleus.

More space than matter!! Or is it?

First, the space is not really space. It is energy. Light energy to be specific, but energy nonetheless.

What we believe is solid really is not. It is energy vibrating.

Our thoughts are energy vibrating. Everything is energy vibrating. This is important because the greater our awareness of our unique and divine nature, the more aligned our thoughts become with our core essence, call it God.

In that state, we have the power, once thought only to be possessed by some god, to conjure anything we want. In fact, even when our essence is not aligned, we beget.

All it takes is like vibrations and our creative power is in full swing.

Want to create a different world?

Discover your core essence and let that be your guide to the stars.

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