You Broods of Vipers!

by Andrew

You liars that distort the truth of god and misquote verses AND dont even quote them nor put them into context! God Son Holy Spirit and they are one. Water, ice and vapour 3 in 1! This is the same lie that Satan gave adam and eve, "Ye shall be as gods" and look what happened to them!

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Apr 13, 2012
"And God Said"
by: Carl


Thank you for sharing your comments and thoughts. To continue your comments it turns out that the serpent in the garden (metaphor) told the truth as the "God" of Eden confirmed the assertion by saying "they have become as one of us." In other words they had become "Gods" themselves. Jesus even asserted the scriptures when saying "Is it not written that ye are gods?"

I don't believe that Adam and Eve were cast "out" of the garden, rather, they were cast "in to it." You are greater than anything you can imagine, Andrew. Even the "picture" of God you have created in your mind. Your image of God is nothing compared to the divine being that occupies your body.

Yes, indeed. "Look what happened to them." They became gods. Actually, they already were gods as are you. To Gods, Andrew, nothing in this life is a struggle. It is really an adventure we create and we can view it any way we want. To you I am a "liar and a viper." To me being such could not be more incredible!

Thanks again for sharing. It is a great honor to have you in my experience. My life could not be the same without you in it. All my best,


Apr 06, 2012
Believer or Not?
by: erica

Everyone? The world is filled with people that lie, distort the truth, and misquote verses. Don't quite know what to make of the rest of your observation. Maybe if you were clearer or specific. Peace, "Believer"

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