WHY DEATH NOW if I am god ps.82:6? Does God die?

by Efita Efiom
(Calabar, Nigeria, crs)

In my Christ consciousness I question why death if indeed I am god as my creator God is without death, also my Lord and brother Jesus paid my sin price, why do I still have to die for sin?

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Mar 16, 2015
by: Efita Efiom

As Justin Lynn pointed, is optional. If God is eternal, Why am I not if I am the image of God? Going by Genesis 1:29 food culture and John 8:51 of Jesus, death is not for us. We at the FRIENDS OF JESUS tfojsolution@gmail.com or +2348035346824 teach this Truth and brand it ECOLOGY LIVING.

Jan 20, 2013
The Unconsciousness of Christ Consciousness
by: Carl


I appreciate your question so much. It is an obvious question for the "mind" as the mind is constantly looking for proofs to its supplications and inquiries.

The best way for me to answer this question is to explain from my own experience that "we are not these bodies." We are something else far and away more than the human body we possess, but the reality is that very few of us ever get to that place where the identity we attach to our bodies is recognized as nothing more than a mind created ego that sees the world and existence as what the five senses determine it to be. Whatever your mind sees as reality is nothing to what really is.

The human that you are, including the mind and ego housed in that body, is finite. It will die and what happens beyond that is unimportant. Who you are outside the body you occupy is infinite. This means you will continue on but not as the human identity you "think" you are. The mind has formed you into something you are not. It has formed you as something far less than you are. You are God. You are infinite and eternal and you are greater than anything your mind can conceive.

I like to say that our experience as humans is a break or vacation from what gods do before they became human. Our lives are a breath and a whisper in an infinite existence we as Gods experience. Don't worry about it. Enjoy the experience because as God you can do it all over or do it somewhere else. It doesn't matter in infinity and all of it is our own unique creation.

Oh, and by the way, Christ never paid for your sins. He didn't need to, as you are perfect. We all are. However, if the belief that Christ paid for your sins lets you give up the guilt and sorrow you carry because of them by all means hold the belief. Jesus' life was a demonstration that we are not these bodies. He told us that not only was He a god but that we are also. I want you to know that I know you are perfect in every way and there is nothing you can do to alter the God that you are. Nothing to learn in this experience. Just experience! Pretty cool. Enjoy it.

All my best,

Jan 20, 2013
by: Justin Lynn

In my opinion, you don't have to die physically. If one can gain full control over their mind and thus their body, one could stop from dying physically.

And to put another opinion out there. You never die spiritually.

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